‘Change it: Progress to Success’ was designed to help the women of Liverpool see their true potential and do great things. We have been lucky enough over the past year to help women in different stages of their life come together to build a positive future. This is why we are so delighted to be able to announce our new dates for the programme!

Whether you’re looking to manage your thinking or develop more effective communication skills ‘Change it: Progress to Success’ really has something for everyone. We have seen women become more motivated and confident right in front of our eyes and walk away from the sessions with a new lease of life
Are you still wondering whether ‘Change it: Progress to Success’ is for you?
We caught up with Natalie Burgess who graduated from the Change It Programme, before starting her role as a Finance officer for The Women’s Organisation to tell you all about her experience on the programme and why Change it will change you.

I’d just had my first child and didn’t feel like I really knew what I was doing, and it started to make me feel a little bit depressed really. Picton Childrens Centre really helped guide me through the steps of having my first child. Checking the centres timetable, I saw Change it and I thought ‘I’m going to apply’ so I booked onto the course and I can honestly say it was the best 8 weeks of my life.
I went onto the programme because I wanted to become a better me, I felt like I was very confident before having children and I started to feel like I didn’t know who I was or where I was going in life, but doing the programme helped me realise who I really am.
The best thing about the programme was learning how to say no, it’s really helpful to know how to be more assertive. I’m also confident in myself again, it’s made me realise that life is too short, and you should really enjoy it.
I’ve always thought about starting my own business, and after finding out I was pregnant with my 2nd child it scared me because I didn’t want to struggle with working and having childcare issues, I realised that if I did my passion of starting my own business I’ll be able to be in my children’s life a lot more, this is still my dream but now I’m able to feel more motivated about going for it.

Since Change it, I received information from the childrens centre about a job that was being advertised at The Women’s Organisation, and since the organisation had already helped me a lot I decided to go for it, and I got the job!
I’m now able to focus on my dreams and would say, do it, go and do it for anyone thinking about doing the programme! Never have a stigma about personal development programmes, they are there to help and support you and having Creche facilities at Picton gave me 2 hours to focus on myself!

I’ve suggested the programme to my mum and my sister, because it’s finally made me realise that I’m not the only one who has problems in life.

Natalie has since gone on to work for an accountancy firm and we’re so proud of the achievements she has made and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors!

If you’d like to find out more information about the programme or to book a place, contact us on 0151 706 8111 or email us on hello@thewo.org.uk and find out how we can support you.