Cath Kerr and Dr Liz Royle

have over 40 years experience between them in psychological trauma, which is rare in their field. With a PhD and a Masters under their belts, these two women were well equipped to make their specialist knowledge a business venture.

Cath Kerr
Dr Liz Royle

Both Cath and Liz shared a desire to set up their own business, meeting for the first time at a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) group for trauma, they realised the possibilities and that two heads would certainly be better than one.

They set up KRTS International in 2010, offering one-to-one advice on dealing with trauma to individuals. Although going well, the business needed to grow and both women wanted to help more people. They decided to completely change their business model in 2016.

The women said: “We took a major leap of faith by stopping providing one to one services and then putting all our resources into working directly with businesses and creating further online products.”

Under the umbrella of KRTS International, the women have launched various e-health programmes offering psychological and wellbeing solutions for organisations to employ in their workforce. For example, KRTS Power to Recover can help a work organisation to strategically prepare for and respond to workplace trauma.

The women are preparing to launch a new programme which will have an accompanying app called KRTS Power to Lose Weight. The idea is being supported by Liverpool John Moores University, and aims to help people lose weight by addressing the mindset of losing weight, rather than the traditional approach of restricting your diet.

With a well-established business in place, getting business advice may not have seemed so essential. However, Cath and Liz knew about the work of The Women’s Organisation. The women booked to see senior business adviser Claire Pederson, who was able to advise them on growing their business and support them under the growth programme; New Markets 2. 

They said: “We have had some amazing support from The Women’s Organisation, including a revamped business plan, financial advice, general advice and they have put us in touch with new projects such as LJMU, which has helped us move one of our projects on considerably.

“Besides all of this, they have always been as passionate as we are about what we do, and they believe in our ability.”

The women say getting amazing feedback, makes the work they do all the more worthwhile. They are driven by their passion for their subject and only work with people who share their values and vision – “We live by the motto if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Their business is so specialist, that they’ve had to branch out to international markets. Fortunately, the women are in a prime position to grow their business, seeing as what they offer is applicable to such a wide range of organisations, across the world.

KRTS now have large clients on board and with their new weight loss programme in the pipeline, more growth seems likely.

Cath and Liz received growth advice through; ‘Women’s Growth Accelerator’ New Markets 2 Programme, which is aimed at women who are running a business focussing on business to business activity in the Liverpool City Region (Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, St Helens, Knowsley and Halton) area who are ready to take their business to the next level, expanding their team and significantly increasing turnover. For more information contact us on or 0151 706 8111

If you’d like to know more about Cath and Liz’s business, you can visit their website or contact them on