In light of recent events that took place in Liverpool on Sunday and having spoken with partners and families involved in the delivery of ‘Remembering Liverpool’s Lost Women’ vigil, it is with regret that we feel we have with no alternative but to cancel the event.

LDAS are concerned that as a women’s hospital was targeted, it would pose a safety threat to facilitate a public event whereby those in attendance will be majority female. Liverpool City Council also support this decision as they do not want to put anyone at risk, nor pull on police resources at such a critical time for the city.

We are now arranging to hold the vigil in the spring, during the week of International Women’s Day and we will announce on social media the exact date as soon as we have spoken with all who will participate at the event.

We would like to thank all who have donated to the event and all who were planned to participate at the event, but rest assured the event will take place and we will pay tribute to all women lost to male violence in March 2022.