Last week the Enterprise Business Start-up Conference travelled to Sefton.  Supported by Invest Sefton and Start-up Direct, the event hosted by Enterprise Hub Partner The Women’s Organisation brought together local men and women who were toying with the idea of starting a business to give them a insight into what is really involved.

Speaking at the event were 3 Successful local business owners and local enterprise experts who each offered key insights into how to make a business succeed.  Here were the top tips on offer at the event that every potential entrepreneur should take note of:

Kevin Murphy Rentaspace

Jacke Foster Crosby Coffee with Julie Swarbrick
Cheryl Grogan of AJ’s Playdays
  • Starting a business is “a way to build a job around your family”, said Entrepreneur Cheryl Grogan of AJ’s Playdays
  • “Market Research is so important” emphasised both Cheryl and Jack Foster of Crosby Coffee, Jo Austin from The Women’s Organisation agreed citing ‘lack of market research’ as the top reason for business failure
  • “Social Media is a Great way to promote your business” said Crosby Coffee’s Jack
  • “You only get out what you are prepared to put in” said Kevin Murphy of Rentaspace
  • Think “People and Peers” added Kevin talking about the need for creating a strong network around you
  • “If you ever have a business question get in touch with Invest Sefton” encouraged Business Growth Adviser Julie Swarbrick
  • “There is expert support from Enterprise Hub and it is FREE” said Jo Austin from The Women’s Organisation encouraging the participants to soak in expert advice to avoid one of the other top reasons for businesses failing ‘lack of or taking the wrong advice’.
If you are thinking of starting a business, are based in Mersesyside and could benefit from expert advice, get in touch with the Enterprise Hub team on 0151 706 8113 or

A full write up of the event can be accessed here.