Working with our Enterprise Hub partners at Wirral Chamber of Commerce, Gavin received the start-up support to get his business, GUI Compus Ltd, off the ground. 

Thanks to this support, Gavin’s business is today helping businesses manage change through the provision and simplification of IT systems and processes. Here’s how it all began…

If Gavin Crompton has learned anything from his 20 years in IT and project management, it’s that change can bring risk … and opportunity!  And it’s this ethos that has equipped Gavin with the skills to not only tackle important changes in his own life, but to start a company that can help other businesses do the same! GUI Compus Ltd is all about helping businesses to manage change effectively.

Heidi and Paul from Wirral Chamber of Commerce with Gavin (centre)

So, where did this appetite for change begin? Well, it all started at Plessey’s in Speke. 

It was here that Gavin first cut his teeth dealing with the early incarnations of information technology and rather large computerised assembly equipment! He also developed a keen eye for detail and a fascination with technology and systems which shaped his career from then on.  
From here, he became heavily involved in supporting ‘transformational change’ in the motor industry, working for companies such as Toyota, before moving down South to work for Johnson Controls, a supplier to Ford Motor Company.  Moving back to Wirral, he then decided on a career change, working in the social housing sector for many years until the opportunity came to take redundancy and pursue fresh challenges. 
In taking calculated risks at every crossroads, Gavin has taken control of his career along the way, treating every opportunity as a chance to grow and acquire new skills.  And this has led to his most exciting and challenging opportunity to date – the chance to start his own company, GUI Compus Ltd!
So, how can GUI Compus Ltd support your business? Well, in a nutshell, it can provide a whole range of change-management solutions through the ‘provision and simplificationof IT systems and processes.’ From initial diagnostics to product development and implementation, GUI Compus Ltd can help your business to optimise and streamline its IT and systems/processes to not only promote effective change but to enable your business to flourish whilst doing so!        
Gavin is quick to concede he needed help in forming his company along the way. “There’s hidden treasure and always something new to be learned,” he said, crediting the support he received from Wirral Chamber of Commerce for adding structure to the chaos and complications associated with setting up a new venture. 

And he encourages others to “not be afraid of change, but to take the knocks and expect the unexpected, as tenacity gets you to where you want to be!”
If you would like to find out more about how GUI Compus Ltd can help your business manage change and grow effectively, contact Gavin at: or
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