Your business may have a fantastic website with embedded video, all the plugins to make it super impressive, but if no one can find it then it isn’t worth the time or money you invested.  Even if you are looking to outsource SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it is important to understand the basics so you know if you are ticking the neccessary boxes. Search Engine Optimisation is essentially getting sites like Google to find your website and decide that it deserves a place high up in the search results.  Here are some key essentials to get you started:

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On Page SEO
On page SEO is all the things you do to your website that have an impact on your search engine ranking. 

  • Keywords – You must put yourself in the shoes of someone searching on Google for a business like yours. What words or phrases might they type in?  These are your ‘keywords’.  In order for Google to choose your website as a response to a search you must have those words or phrases on your web page.  Better yet at them as headings and sub headings to show Google that is what the page is about.  
  • Metatags and Alt Tags – In the background of every page you will have space for a meta tag and description, and every time you add an image it will ask you if you want to add Alt text. Ignore these at your peril! Meta tags and descriptions are quick ways to let Google know what your page is about – another place you can add keywords.  Adding Alt Text to your image adds to this as by simply labelling images what they are e.g. ‘New Kitchen Liverpool’ you are straight away reinforcing your keywords and given yourself the opportunity to be ranked in image searches too. 

Off Page SEO
There are lots of things you can do off your website that can support SEO. 

  • Link Building – Having other quality websites link to yours is a great signal to Google and other search engines to say that your site is quality.  You can start link building by adding your business with weblink to online directories, but you can also try the cheeky ask and pursuing guest blog opportunities or PR is another way to get others to link back to your site
  • Social Signals – Social Signals’ or ‘Social Shares’ refer to webpages overall collective shares, likes and social media activity seen by search engines.  If your social media presence is doing well and clearly connects to your website this can really help. 
Investing in SEO is one quick way yo reach new customers.  Above are some starter tips, but it is a complex beast, so worth getting some advice or further training.

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