We are always learning and looking for ways to develop our knowledge around entrepreneurship at The Women’s Organisation and we were delighted to be invited to take part in Erasmus+ ACE Project.

The project will focus on Lifestyle Entrepreneurship as a useful alternative to self-employment for adults with fewer opportunities and from disadvantaged backgrounds, and as a whole, the project has a few main aims:

To develop the basic and specific adult educators skills working with disadvantaged learners with a focus on innovative ways of outreach and delivery of learning activities
To provide the necessary knowledge and information to adult learners with fewer opportunities and from disadvantaged backgrounds on access to adult learning services and the possibilities for employment on the basis of their lifestyle, abilities and talents.
And we are joined on the project by a fantastic group of organisations across the world. 

These are…
The Kaunas Region Educational Centre in Lithuania who are the Project Coordinators
Know and Can Association in Bulgaria
Danmar Computers LLC in Poland

SIF (Social Innovation Fund), Kaunes Lithuania 

Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in an Educational Technology from Cyprus
And of course, ourselves, The Women’s Organisation!

It was our pleasure to welcome project partners for our first meeting and project launch at 54 St James Street on 5th November.

And as it was Bonfire Night we had to show them a bit of our tradition, so here is a photo of the group enjoying a bit of firework magic. 

We look forward to continuing to learn from this project and learning more about how our international partners work with ‘lifestyle enterpreneurs’.