Have you ever had to deliver a presentation? Perhaps you were trying to score top marks on a course, pitch your business ideas, or even secure funding for a cause you’re passionate about? Whatever your goal, the fundamental elements of a brilliant presentation are the same. Great presenters are great communicators, which is why presenting is such a valuable skill to employers. Use these 5 tips to brush up on your presentation skills & captivate your audience every time.


1) Engage the audience

It is important that the audience remain engaged throughout the presentation as it ensures they are listening to what you are saying.

Want to know how to make a presentation engaging? Start with the delivery. Maintain eye contact and ask questions. Show your passion for what you are talking about. You can’t expect the audience to be interested when you aren’t.


2) Keep the presentation simple – use the “10-20-30” rule

Don’t have too many slides and limit the amount of text on each slide so your audience doesn’t lose interest. Don’t waste time reading large blocks of text from the presentation as the audience can do that themselves. Use the “10-20-30” rule – this is where there are 10 slides or fewer, the presentation is completed in 20 minutes or less and the font size is 30 or above.


3) Understand your audience

Knowing what is appropriate for your audience is key. There are scenarios where humor can be helpful, and others where is can be hurtful. Before going in make sure you are aware of the demographic you are presenting to. This can tell you the levels of formality you need to achieve.


4) Use visual aids

Images can be an effective way of helping the audience process the information, especially is some are visual learners. Graphs and charts are great if you are explaining research. Design the presentation to be eye-catching however you do not want it to take away the attention from the actual presentation subject.


5) Practise beforehand

There is nothing worse than watching a presentation where the person has clearly not prepared. The more you practise, the more relaxed you will be whilst presenting which can help you really show your passion for the area you are presenting about. Practice in front of people and ask them to give honest feedback on how you could improve.

Want to dive even deeper into developing your presentation skills? The Women’s Organisation is running a fully funded and accredited Level 3 course in Presentation Skills split over 2 sessions in person on Wednesday 2nd & 9th November, 1pm – 4pm. You can book your place here or phone us on 0161 327 0967 for more info.  

5 Tips to deliver a great presentation