2017 has marked 21 years of The Women’s Organisation. That’s 21 years of supporting women. 21 years of celebrating their successes. And 21 years of being inspired, every single day by the women we get to surround ourselves with…

And we’ve been making full use of our 21stbirthday this year with celebrations, parties, and events throughout the year – Just so nobody forgets!

So far this year we’ve launched an art collaboration with dot.art and currently have an exhibition here at 54 St James Street. AND, we’ve been working on a book which is going to be launched in early Spring 2018.

And the last thing that we’ve got to share with you is something we’ve been waiting to launch for many months…Our very own film!

We were lucky enough to work with the incredible team over at Bad Bug Media to put together this short film about The Women’s Organisation. We got together our founders, our staff team, our friends and our clients and sat them down for a moment of reflection of what we have achieved over the past 21 years and the work that is still to come.

We are delighted to be able to launch this film!

Give it a watch!

We believe it encompasses everything about us. Our mission, our vision and most importantly, our values.

It was a real pleasure to work with the Bad Bug team who are a credit to their industry. They spent lots of time working closely with us to find out all about the organisation and created a fantastic piece of media that really illustrates what we are about, all in under 2 minutes.

So please…Give it a watch! Share it around and let us know what you think of it. 

Because this video is about all of us. 

For 21 years we have been working for the economic development of women and we know we’ve made a difference, but we also know our work is not over yet. That’s why we are continuing, we are persisting, and we are working hard every day. For women. Everywhere.

Because when a woman is empowered, women are empowered…

Thank you for 21 years, here’s to another 21 and more!

The Women’s Organisation