Today, February 6th marks 100 years since some (but not all) British women were given the right to vote.

The Representation of the People Act was passed on this day in 1918 which enabled selected women to vote in the elections…So what were the requirements?

  • Were you a woman over 30?
  • Or did you own a property?
  • Or were you a graduate voting in a University constituency?

If you ticked any one of these boxes, today was your lucky day. You were given a voice and now had the power to vote. As a result, over eight and a half million women were added to the electoral roll. But that still left a huge percentage of the population powerless to use their voices and vote…

Now 100 years on from this landmark occasion, a lot has changed, and we have a lot to be thankful for to the women who changed the world before us…The Suffragettes.

Three Mancunian women; Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia Pankhurst changed the landscape of the world forever and they did it through…’Deeds not words’

Emmeline, Christabel & Sylvia Pankhurst
Their determination, tenacity and focus to always act upon what they knew was right in their hearts and continue to stand up, march and fight for women’s rights led to these massive changes and shifts in history. They stood up and took action. They didn’t watch from afar. They were in the mix, pushing for progress.

Now 100 years on, women are still marching and still fighting. With cultural landslides like the #MeToo movement, #TimesUp, gender pay gap related scandals and so much more, it feels like we are at another tipping point. Another moment in history where things are going to change, for the better.  

So, today on this landmark day, we are asking YOU…Where are you going to stand in the history books?

Will you go down as someone who marched, who fought, who made a change and pushed for gender equality?

We know that we will…

A 2018 march
To celebrate this important day, here’s a few of our favourite quotes from some incredible women…

Our friend and great granddaughter of Suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst, Helen Pankhurst has said; 

“Let’s keep up the feminist pressure throughout 2018 – not just because it’s a centenary year but because it has the markings of being a remarkable year in its own right. What we are seeking is a world in which the voice of everybody counts, irrespective of sex, gender, sexuality, colour, ethnicity, creed, disability, class, age, political persuasion and whatever other category is introduced to demean those who are not like us. What we are demanding of society is dignity within a rich tapestry of differences.”

Helen Pankhurst who launches her book ‘Deeds Not Words, The Story of Women’s Rights, Then and Now’ this Thursday and you can read her full blog here

And If you remember Helen visiting us back in 2016, check out the blog we wrote about this amazing day here!

“As we celebrate #100years since some women got to vote, let’s honour those who went before us and paved the way; look forward to where we want to be in the future; and most importantly, be mindful about the role we all play today” – Kate Richardson-Walsh, Olympic gold & bronze medallist. OBE. Former GB & ENG hockey player

“100 years since women got the vote, fewer than 1/3 of MPs are female, all chancellors to date have been men, more than 90% of PLC executive direcots are men, and women are yet to serve in close combat roles (though some are in training). History still needs to be made – Cathy Newman, Channel 4 Presenter
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