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Donna has always been a motivated, driven, and independent woman. She originally came to The Women’s Organisation in Liverpool to access our women centered business start up support, after completing a degree at the age of 57 and switching careers.


However, Donna unfortunately was struck with a debilitating illness. This left her unable to work, lacking in self esteem, and struggling to cope. She returned to The Women’s Organisation on the advice of her coach at The Job Centre to access our wellbeing support programme, Building Better Opportunities.



We grow confidence and self-esteem through our Women’s Power Programme


Donna attended our Women’s Power Programme, hosted at Wirral based charity Tomorrow’s Women. These group focused sessions are a safe space for local women to share stories and create long term connections. Women also learn the skills and coping strategies to boost their confidence. She found it refreshing to be around like-minded people. It kickstarted her confidence journey and her road to finding her spark.

We then referred her to our partners Writing On The Wall after showing interest in the publishing industry. She attended a 6-week writing course called ‘Write To Work’ to help broaden her writing skills. Donna said it “turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable, informative and inspirational series of sessions” where she submitted work for publication.


Since accessing support from The Women’s Organisation, Donna has made positive steps towards fulfilling her passions despite her health. She now works at a charity once a week to ease herself back into a working routine. She is considering teaching meditation in the future but for now is working on building a steady foundation and building her skills.


Donna gave advice to those struggling and looking for wellbeing support:

I would advise anyone, man or woman, who is faced with major change, confused about direction to think outside the box, or to step outside their comfort-zone and to try new things. The Women’s Organisation is a signposting hub and an educational facility firmly rooted in Liverpool that provides an amazing service to the community. I am grateful for new beginnings.



How can we help you?


Are you struggling, lacking in confidence, and looking for a helping hand? Are you living in the Liverpool city region? Check out our personal development and well being workshops here.


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