The majority of people mainly associate LinkedIn with job searching and increasing their own personal professional network, LinkedIn also as the same significance in relation to forming business relationships and helps to direct your business to valuable sales leads.  

A company page on LinkedIn will offer your organisation with the chance to express your brand story, which will encourage followers to interact and engage by sharing your content for other LinkedIn viewers to see. Furthermore, LinkedIn also displays your public image on an international level as a reliable company.

The following tips can help your organisation be viewed on a much wider scale and therefore should be apart of your overall business growth strategy.

1. LinkedIn allows for your company to differentiate from their competitors.

On LinkedIn, you can provide a description about your organisation to highlight the unique attributes about your organisation and how you differ from your competitors. It should comprise the latest organisation news and share information about the culture, values, mission and vision to increase the views of your business.

Another way to differentiate from your competitors is by providing visual aspects to your brand storytelling. Visual content in the form of videos, photos and artwork will provide your followers with a sense of trustworthiness and an optimistic feeling about your organisation and provides users with a clear idea of how your business thinks and acts.

2. Increase your ranking in search engines 

Search engines favour LinkedIn company pages and posts. Therefore, by providing regular updates to your company page and enhancing posts for SEO will increase your search engine ranking in the results page. This will develop your business, with more viewers interacting and engaging with your organisation and the offerings, with the rise of online traffic you could receive through LinkedIn.

3. Search states that LinkedIn may be most effective platform for product launches. 

LinkedIn as now become the main channel to introduce products. This is because LinkedIn has a bigger influence on how to spread the latest product news with a much bigger reach to the media, bloggers, and customers. According to polling done by Regalix, LinkedIn is now the #1 platform used for product launches among B2B businesses. A whopping 81% of B2B businesses say they use LinkedIn for launches, compared to 71% who use Twitter and just 54% who use Facebook.

4. Checking on what your competition is doing. 

By viewing your competitors LinkedIn pages, it is a simpler way to observe any changes which could be taking places within your industry which could have some impact within your business. You can also take notice to what your competitors are currently doing and have achieved in which you could use to your own advantage by obtaining ideas which could be implemented for your own business.

This will ensure that your business will be staying relevant by keeping up to date with the latest trends and ensuring that you will not fall behind with your competitors. Therefore, this is an important factor in developing growth within your business. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, making it the social media platform used most often.

5. Create awareness and improve reputation. 

LinkedIn is a social media for professionals. Research suggests that more than two professionals every second are now creating a profile and signing up to LinkedIn, and organisations currently have the chance to interact with a growing number of different contacts. By using different features LinkedIn offers, organisations can increase their visibility and credibility.

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