Running your own business or being a freelancer can sometimes be a lonely journey but with the addition of a worldwide lockdown in 2020, that was made even worse and the effects on our mental health were unmeasurable! But one of the many positives that we all experienced was the joy and rediscovery of walking.

As the world starts to go back to ‘normal’, mental health is still as important as ever and we are encouraging you, whether you run a business or not, to keep walking throughout 2022. Our very own Head of Facilities Sandra Sipaviciute shares how walking & hiking helped her mental health.

“In 2017 walking helped heal my depression! It stopped me from falling deeper into a place of anxiety and depression, I always wanted to go on walks & hikes but didn’t have the courage or knowledge to get started. A friend mentioned that there is a group of young hikers-enthusiasts who organize a minivan and have a guide who leads the walks.”


Here are 5 benefits you will experience from walking more: 

  1. Physical fitness-  Whether it’s a regular 30mins stroll in the park or an occasional 12-mile hike in Wales, you will build stamina and get physically stronger with each walk. Yes, you might ache after your first big walk, but start small, easy flat walks, gradually increasing the length of them. I promise you, after a few walks your body will adjust and will be able to handle more strenuous ones.
  2. Discover new places. Once I started walking & hiking and getting to places, it opened my eyes to so many beautiful British landscapes. Whether it’s the Lakes, Wales, Sefton Park, or your local fields you will never get bored of the picturesque scenery, especially on a sunny day. Lockdown proved that you don’t need to leave the country to find paradise on earth, it might just be around the corner.
  3. Meet new people. If you like meeting new people then joining a walking or hiking group is a great way to expand your social life and build new connections. There are many walking & hiking groups, from business networking walking groups to local park ones, Meet Up is a great place to find such groups. I have met some of my friends through these groups and had some amazing conversations with like-minded people.
  4. Investing In Me time. If you are more introverted or don’t feel like socialising, walking is perfect for that too. You can simply put on music or an audiobook and go for a quick or long walk. I normally squeeze in 30 mins walks with an audiobook on during my lunches; if I was stressed that morning, I come back calm and happier after such a walk.
  5. Mental Health Benefits. Lastly, I must emphasize the importance of fresh air and sun have on us. We are positively affected by the sun when we are outdoors even on a cloudy day. I practice mindfulness when I am walking on my own, when I try to have one thought at a time, for example, listening to birds chirping, watching the sheep in the fields, or just enjoying the fresh air. Don’t be afraid to get outdoors on cloudy or rainy days, believe me, you will feel better afterward, because during the harsher weather your mind will be in survival mode, and you will concentrate on the basic things like how to get warmer and how not to step into puddles.


So, grab a friend, join a local community group or a professional networking group, and make it a regular habit to take a walk either before your day begins or at the end. Every little effort counts and adds to general physical and mental wellness, it changed my life for the better and made me appreciate the country I live in.

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