After starting her business with husband Felix in 2012, Vanessa came to The Women’s Organisation for business development under our growth programme; New Markets 2. Vanessa and Felix run their own environmental and waste management company; UNOF Environmental Solutions Limited. Their company is based in Liverpool, carrying out operations anywhere in the North West of England. Vanessa summarises her business as “Making people and businesses know waste is a resource but not a problem.”

“I decided to start my own company where my expertise would be unleashed to the best of my ability.”

Vaness, Co-Founder of UNOF Environmental Solutions Ltd. 
Ambition drove Vanessa to start up her own business as she had gained invaluable experience from her Master’s Degree and working in Environmental Management. Vanessa has always had a key interest in having sustainable communities. “I am always a goal getter, making sure I achieve my vision and not giving up.” For Vanessa, the key to her success has been her “Dedication and focusing on what you love.” Whilst Vanessa’s passion is an inspiration for us all, she tells us of her own role models; “My role models are businesses in Merseyside who promotes Environmental and waste management sustainability such as Veolia, Refood, Olleco etc.”

The Women’s Organisation supported Vanessa’s business to flourish and develop to its full potential. Janine Hyland, Senior Business Adviser at The Women’s Organisation, provided this. “Janine has been very supportive in giving us information and introducing us to other businesses.” Since starting up UNOF, their growth has been steady with both the customers and staff. The company has had recognition from the Eco-Innovatory project and Liverpool City Council on Food Waste Management in Merseyside.
Vanessa found herself juggling between her family and business life. Any problems faced, Vanessa dealt with; “It is good and at the same time tough running a business” Ultimately, Vanessa stresses to “Never give up but keep trying even in difficulties…There are challenges but never give up.” Her determination drove her to success, Vanessa overcame the initial complications of starting up her business but it has all paid off.

“Be innovative and creative.”

Upcoming events such as working alongside the Liverpool City Council as part of the food waste project is just one exciting aspect for Vanessa. As well as this, her business is soon to be working with the eco-innovatory project with Lancaster University. UNOF is growing and building up strong relationships across the North West.

Sustainable energy
What does the future hold for their business? Vanessa hopes to have an anaerobic digestion plant of her own where she can sustainably use the food waste we collect to generate electricity and other uses to sustain the environment.

If you’d like to find out more about UNOF Environmental Solutions or access the services that Vanessa offer, you can use the contact details below:

Telephone: 0151 345 8729
And if you’ve been inspired by Vanessa’s story and would like to see how The Women’s Organisation can help you with your business, get in touch with us. Email or ring us on 0151 706 8111