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At the start of the pandemic, Aisling, like most people working in the arts, found herself unemployed. It was the first time for her and she was looking for ways to keep busy and use the time to improve her skill base.

After searching for courses and workshops online, she came across our Eventbrite page and accessed our Building Better Opportunities programme.  She attended ‘Change It’, a 4-week online personal development workshop held by our course facilitator, Victoria. She wasn’t really sure if it was for her but thought it would pass the time.



The Women's Organisation liverpool city region confidence pandemic


Over four weeks, Victoria covered topics such as healthy coping strategies, building a positive mindset, money mindfulness, and goal setting. It was the first time Aisling had been in an online group setting that wasn’t work or family based. She found it to be a unique, supportive group of people all trying to cope positively with lockdown. Aisling realised that being unable to work had a negative impact on her confidence and sense of self worth. Aisling commented on how the workshop “definitely helped with my confidence”, lowered her stress levels, built her productivity, and that she is still using the same coping techniques she learnt over two years later.


Following the session, she found it easier to overcome personal barriers, found that she was more resilient when faced with challenges and was able to move on from the difficulties of the pandemic. She began focusing on her own voice acting business, secured funding, and created a home studio. Throughout the rest of 2021, she began implementing ideas, fulfilling her potential and creating new opportunities.


When asked what she would say to anyone wanting to access support from The Women’s Organisation, Aisling said “Just do it! Make the time for yourself, do something for you or your business. If you have the time then just do it.”



The Women’s Organisation are dedicated to women’s business start up, business growth, and personal development in the Liverpool city region. To learn more about how we can help you, email us


The Women's Organisation pandemic confidence