Serial Entrepreneur Anthony Zausmer has been in the catering business for 40 years and knows a thing or two about the industry. But having recently embarked upon his most recent venture, Posh Nosh Catering Kitchen Ltd, Anthony decided to take advantage of Enterprise Hub’s ‘Boost Your New Business’ programme to see if there were any tricks he was missing. 

Anthony told us that he now starts the day’s planning for the new business with “well Bernie said…” referring back to what he learned from the training as he found it “so useful”.

He commented: “The course was brilliant. Our trainer, Bernie, really made it personal and created an environment where I could say ‘actually I realise I’ve made a mess of this’.  Everyone is totally free to open-up, which is great as we could learn from one another’s businesses.  The most positive part for us was being able to face up to any problems in the business in a constructive way.”

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