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As the cost of living crisis continues, so does the support we provide for those in the Liverpool city region. Across the 6 boroughs, we are continuously helping people with their financial well-being, money management, and income maximisation. Here is the story of an ongoing client based on the Wirral.



Anonymous Case Study


An elderly male client contacted our partner, Citizen’s Advice Wirral, for help with his financial situation. Rising energy bills and living costs meant his state and private pension weren’t enough.
Even after selling personal items, his savings were depleting, and his expenditure was greater than his income.


Since first contacting Citizen’s Advice, he has had a total of 10 appointments and has been assigned an advisor. He filled out a budget sheet and found that he was in a deficit of nearly £450 a month. His advisor then supported him with a benefits calculator where they discovered he was eligible for financial aid. This included council tax support, pension credit, housing benefits, and attendance allowance. Once these applications are accepted, his monthly budget should increase by £542. This would leave him in a surplus each month too.


Through the course of his appointments, he opened up to his advisor about his current health conditions. To keep himself warm for the sake of his health, he turned on his heating multiple times in May 2023. From these discussions, it was discovered the windows in his property were single-glazed and not draughtproof. She then contacted a local charity, Energy Projects Plus (EPP). They will be supporting the client with energy-saving measures such as draught-proofing to help with his finances and his health.


As part of our Mind and Money programme, not only finance is a priority but also the mental well-being of our clients. He will continue to be supported until he feels comfortable and stable in his living arrangements to ensure he lives a happy and fulfilled life.

How can the Mind and Money programme help me?

We can help anyone in the Liverpool city region looking to build their financial resilience and well-being. From building healthy money habits to supporting you to apply for benefits, our partners and ourselves are here.


Mind and Money Programme