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The ACE Project brings together a dynamic European Partnership of Key Practitioners within the fields of ICT, Education and Entrepreneurship to research and develop a programme that will focus on developing adult educators' competences to promote learners' lifestyle entrepreneurship. 

About ACE

The methodology of the project is based on the blended learning approach using the reversed/ flipped training method, ICT tools, Open Educational Resources. The project will adapt the good practices from UK on Lifestyle Entrepreneurship as a useful alternative to self-employment for adults with fewer opportunities and from disadvantaged backgrounds. The idea of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship is centered on learners’ passions and hobbies. A lifestyle business is one where the owner seeks to make the business successful not only in terms of profitability but also in terms of the ability to avoid social isolation and foster engagement.

Project Partners

 Kaunas Region Educational Centre, Lithuania (Project Coordinator)

 Social Innovation Fund, Lithuania 

 Know and Can Association, Bulgaria  

Danmar Computers LLC, Poland 

 Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in an Educational Technology, Cyprus 

 The Women's Organization, United Kingdom


The Aims 

To develop the basic and specific adult educators’ competencies working with disadvantaged learners with focus on innovative ways of outreach and delivery of learning activities  

To provide necessary knowledge and information to adult learners with fewer opportunities and from disadvantaged background on access to adult learning services and the possibilities for employment on the basis of their lifestyle, abilities and talents


The Objectives

1. to strengthen the competencies of adult educators supplying them with innovative and attractive training material and ICT tools based on Lifestyle entrepreneurship (LSE) approach

2. to enhance the professional development of adult educators by introducing the innovative education methods: blended learning, reversed/flipped training, Open education recourses (OER)

3. to develop OERs tailored to the needs of adult educators in order to support digital integration in learning to reach the learners from disadvantaged backgrounds 4. to increase the motivation and reduce disparities in learning outcomes of adult learners with fewer opportunities and from disadvantaged backgrounds using LSE approach and ICT tools with the long perspective of getting self-employed


The Intellectual Outcomes

1. Curriculum for adult educators - practitioners “Promotion of Lifestyle Entrepreneurship for disadvantaged learners”

2. Training material and ICT tools for adult educators-practitioners Module I “Basics of Life Style Entrepreneurship”, Module II “The Use of ICT and OER in LSE”, Module III “Marketing of LSE for disadvantaged people”, Module IV „An assessment tool of learners’ skills and competences in LSE”, Module V „Creating awareness on validation of the acquired competences”.

3. Guidelines for adult educators-practitioners “How to offer lifestyle entrepreneurship for disadvantaged learners using Open Educational Recourses” Target Groups  adult educators-practitioners  Learners from disadvantaged backgrounds (senior citizens, people living in remote areas, in long-term unemployment, women of social exclusion, low-skilled workers, etc.) The adult educators - practitioners will improve these competencies: General - sense of innovation and entrepreneurship, digital competence, social and civic competence; Specific - competence in marketing and public relations, competence on an assessment and validation of informal and non-formal learning, competence on Being an advisor/counselor/facilitator

For more informaiton about this project visit www.ace-erasmusplus.eu or 'like' the project facebook page

To read all about the latest developments on the Erasmus Plus ACE Project please see our blogs. 

Project No: 2015-LT01-KA2014-013404 


We are pleased to announce that ACE has been selected as a "success story" by a panel of experts from the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission.
"Success stories" are finalised projects that have distinguished themselves by their impact, contribution to policy-making, innovative results and/or creative approach and can be a source of inspiration for others. Click here to read more. 

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