positive affirmations for confidence



Many things in life can knock our confidence. We all go through periods in our life where we have low self esteem and lack faith in our abilities. Thankfully, there are ways we can pick ourselves up and bounce back. A technique growing in popularity is positive affirmations.

But what are they and how do they actually help?



What are positive affirmations?


Positive affirmations may sound mysterious or scary. But the reality is that they are positive thoughts designed to help create a healthy mindset and self love. It is as simple as being your own best friend.


Humans are creatures of habit. A lot of the time, we beat ourselves up and talk down to ourselves. However, once we start to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, we will unconsciously start to believe them. This will minimize self sabotage and help you believe in yourself and your abilities. Once we start to harness the power of our own mind, we can achieve our goals and grow in confidence.


Positive affirmations can decrease stress, improve your confidence and wellbeing, and help you thrive personally and professionally.


positive affirmations for confidence



What are some examples of positive affirmations for confidence?


“I am worthy”
“My future is bright”
“I am capable”
“I can achieve great things”
“Everything will work out in my favour”
“I am growing and learning everyday”
“I am on the right path”.

These are a few examples of positive affirmations. Once you get clearer on your goals and how to achieve them, creating your own affirmations will come more naturally.


How can I use positive affirmations?


There are many fun, creative ways to use affirmations in your day to day life. The most obvious is to repeat them in your head or in front of the mirror everyday. Many tend to do them in the morning when they wake up to get themselves in a positive headspace for the rest of their day.


positive affirmations for confidence


Other ways include writing them down in a journal, in a “Dear Diary” format. Some like to write them on post it notes and dot them around on mirrors in their house. This is so they can see them every time they look in the mirror when going through their day.


Another method that we use here at The Women’s Organisation is through creating vision boards. This helps people map out their goals in a proactive, creative way. It increases intuition and self-direction. Pinning it up on the walls of your bedroom is recommended so you can be reminded of your goals every single day.


vision board affirmations



How can The Women’s Organisation help me?


We currently have multiple personal development and wellbeing workshops for those in the Liverpool city region.

We are holding a ‘Boost Your Confidence’ workshop. Grab a space here.


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