Throughout 2023, The Women’s Organisation supported important projects and made a significant impact to the lives of many.

Our work is never done, and we extend a big thank you to the partners, networks and learners we have worked with this year who have helped us to move closer to the all-important ambition of true equality.

For now, we are delighted to be able to bring you our 2023 ‘wrapped’, highlighting some of the positive progress made to date. We look forward to building on this in 2024 and beyond.

Training and development 

Let’s start with a big number – 4376 – this is the number of women who were supported with advice, guidance and accredited training. Whether these women stepped foot inside our building or were helped remotely, they all took huge steps to achieve something new for themselves.

Crucially, of this big number, 1450 women were returning to the workforce and looked to The Women’s Organisation for support. Women deliver huge economic benefits to the workplace and being able to support women at all stages of their career remains high on our agenda.

118 accredited education courses have been delivered and 926 women achieved an accredited qualification. From this number, 110 women chose to complete a leadership training and development qualification, to share knowledge and experience with many more.

“I feel so much more confident and cannot wait to step into a managerial post.”


Brilliantly, through accessing and committing to training, 430 women improved their employment status and received an increase in pay and/or a promotion.

Business building and economy boosting

A huge £4.2 million worth of investment has been leveraged into loan and grant finance for women’s businesses. Through business creation and growth, plus self-employment and employed opportunities, 376 jobs have been created.

The Women in Leadership Roadshow in Prescot Town Hall

Aside from the people who come to us for career or business support, we know how important it is to reach out to women in diverse communities who may not typically have access to, or know about, our support. Across 2023, we have delivered 265 outreach and community events. We will continue the important work of engaging diverse communities and look to our networks to help us grow and optimise this work.

“I have learnt so much, made some great connections and found out about lots of local relevant services. I feel much more confident about my role and the difference I could make.” 


Looking forward 

We are pleased to share that five new international service delivery contracts have been secured. This enables our team to extend their work across new territories and we will continue to look at ways we can bring positive impact to new communities – on our doorstep and further afield.

We will keep our community updated on what’s in store for 2024, including events and resources to help women feel meaningfully supported and realise their ambitions.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a positive start to 2024 and we hope to see you soon.

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