NatWest offers ‘Climate Hub’ to SMEs


Small businesses in Liverpool city region are being offered access to NatWest’s ‘Climate Hub’ to help them become more sustainable.


NatWest is to offer its business customers in Liverpool city region access to a ‘Climate Hub’, designed to enhance their sustainability efforts, and clients of The Women’s Organisation are eligible to access this support.


Companies of all sizes are facing growing pressures to make their businesses greener and help to tackle climate change. However, smaller firms in particular are worried about the costs and logistics involved in joining the push to net zero carbon.


To support businesses with their green goals NatWest has created a Climate Hub which features tips, insights and tools aiming to help all UK SMEs act now to tackle climate change, by reducing emissions and unlocking green growth opportunities.


It brings together resources, products and services that address some of the gaps identified in NatWest’s A Springboard to Sustainability report. It also looks to educate SMEs around the financial benefits of transitioning towards net zero.


Visitors to the Climate Hub will have free access to:

  • Information on the pilot of NatWest’s carbon tracker app, developed in partnership with Cogo, which is due to launch in February 2022. It offers carbon footprint estimates and provides suggestions on reducing it.
  • Details of the new green loan for SME businesses announced and green asset financing services to support SME customers in their transition journeys.
  • Information on NatWest’s six specialist Accelerators connecting SMEs with regional centres of excellence to help them identify the biggest opportunities for their business.

Natalie Hughes, local enterprise manager at NatWest, said: “More and more of the businesses I speak to are making climate a priority in terms of their business agenda.


“There are a variety of resources available to support businesses at any stage of their climate journey and I am happy to support enterprises in finding solutions which are right for them.”


For more information on NatWest’s Climate Hub contact Natalie Hughes by email