Mind & Money Programme Helps Client Clear Energy Debt by £1500

In 2023, record numbers of people sought energy debt help from following a dramatic rise in prices that left many still choosing between basic necessities. Debt alone can be an isolating and scary experience, and when compounded with other life hardships, an individual may feel unable to cope or face their finances. Luckily, there is plenty help available.

This case follows an anonymous female who lives in an owned property. The client has worsening health conditions and a history of family violence which had put them in a vulnerable position. The cost-of-living crisis and multiple administrative failures from their energy providers had contributed to the client’s mounting energy bill, which was in significant arrears.

Through debt advice, the client was directed to the Mind and Money programme and was able to take control of their finances.


How did Mind and Money help with energy debt?

Along with emotional wellbeing support, Mind and Money assisted the client with establishing a suitable payment method. They  received help with managing their energy bills, understanding income and expenses, and managing a budget for the future.

Following an advice session with her case worker, it was ascertained that client’s bill was disproportionately affected due to a consistent failure in customer service. The client was supported with making an complaint.

A financial statement was completed with the client to calculate what they could afford to pay. The client was then assisted in making an application to British Gas Trust Fund. The trust fund provides consistent money, energy advice, and grants to clear debt for vulnerable, eligible households.

The client authorised the programme to disclose details regarding her health and historical circumstances and a standard financial statement was submitted as a visual reflection of their financial situation.

The outcome

The client received a £200.00 settlement payment from the energy company after the complaint was escalated to ombudsmen. They achieved a financial outcome of £1536.37 pertaining to the energy company trust fund award, deducted from clients energy bill, reducing their arrears to £0.

They also achieved cost savings through establishing a standing order payment of £220.00 per month, a reduction of £179.98 p/m of what the company had set clients direct debit payment as.

This reflects a yearly saving of £2159.76.

How the client feels now

“The Citizens Advice Service was a vital crutch that sustained me during a really difficult time in my life.

I’ve been positively affected with financial and emotional advice and support that served to lift me out of a position of hardship and into a position where I’m ready to take on the challenges the world throws at me.

I don’t feel that this would’ve been a possibility without the support from Citizens Advice and the Mind & Money project.”

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Mind & Money Programme Helps Client Clear Energy Debt by £1500