Mind and Money programme


The cost of living crisis affects us all. However, it can be particularly challenging for the most vulnerable in our community. Our Mind and Money programme is there to support those from all walks of life with their financial and mental wellbeing. No matter the situation, we want to help.


When Halton based client Katy was referred to us by Halton Women’s Centre, we made sure she had the resources to get back on her feet. Katy was 36 weeks pregnant and had fled from her home due to domestic violence. She was rebuilding her life from scratch whilst balancing pregnancy and preparing for motherhood.


Before her baby was born, Katy was thankfully allocated a 2 bedroom property. She was also granted essential household items such as a bed, fridge, and cooker. This was because she had no appliances after fleeing from her previous address.


She was assigned a keyworker from Citizen’s Advice Halton who gave her 1-2-1 support and guidance. From then on, she applied for Child Benefits, Children In Need Emergency Essential Fund, and was given Aldi food vouchers. This gave her the necessities for her and her child to live comfortably.


More recently, Katy has been booked onto further support surrounding finances, bills, and wellbeing. This includes energy efficiency training to maximise her money and living conditions. We are making sure to equip her with all the knowledge and skills possible so she can start living a fulfilled life in her new home.



How can the Mind and Money programme help me?


We can help anyone in the Liverpool city region looking to build their financial resilience and wellbeing. From building healthy money habits, to supporting you to apply for benefits, our partners and ourselves are here.


We are running a 3-week ‘Money and Me’ course that covers all the bases of healthy money management. To secure your place, click here.


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