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Through our Mind and Money programme, we help those in our community who are struggling with their financial wellbeing. Along with our partners, we want to help as many people as possible who are struggling with the cost of living crisis in the Liverpool city region.


This is the ongoing story of an anonymous female client living in Liverpool. She approached Citizen’s Advice Liverpool for help with income maximisation and financial capability after landing on difficult times.


The client is a 42-year-old single mum, currently renting a one bedroom flat from a private landlord. She is from a disadvantaged community who are often subject to discrimination and exploitation. Citizen’s Advice were contacted as the housing portion of her Universal Credit was cut due to issues with her tenancy agreement not covering the property that she was living in. The client was severely distressed, confused, becoming increasingly more in debt, and thought she was going to prison.


Key worker Kenya Kilgallon was assigned to the case, who discovered that the client was being wrongfully billed for an entire building, including a fast food restaurant below the flat. It was also discovered that the landlord has no proper license. This is illegal and it meant the client was entitled to receive all the rent she has paid her landlord to date.



What support was the client given?


Kenya is helping the client with a Property Pool application to move her into a more stable living arrangement. She is also assisting with Universal Credit and council tax support. Once that is finalised, the client will be referred onto a debt case worker to help with any remaining arrears.


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Whilst this is an ongoing situation, the client is now in a safer, more stable situation where she is no longer being taken advantage of. She is in the process of finalising her housing arrangements and her benefits will be restored in due course. Through her story, the landlord’s other properties and any other tenancy agreements will be checked to prevent other people suffering the same situation.


How can I get access support from the Mind and Money Programme?


Do you know anyone who is struggling with their financial wellbeing? The Mind and Money Programme can help. Along with our partners, we are here to support those in the Liverpool city region. Contact us on 0151 706 8113 to speak to one of our team. Email us at hello@thewo.org.uk. Follow us here on Twitter.


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