This month at The Women’s Organisation during our #WeEmpower campaign and will be sharing the amazing stories of the people we’ve helped to empower around Merseyside. ‘Change it: Progress to Success’ has been having a positive impact on women’s lives around Liverpool, helping them tackle their lack of confidence, improve their self esteem but also prepare them to make a positive change in there lives. 

Today, we meet Liz, who after years of believing she couldn’t, finally did…
As a mum of two little girls under five- my life is full of dolls, singing nursery rhymes and reading books. I always wanted to go back to work as I could never see my life as ‘just a full-time mum’. I appreciate that some mums love being a full-time mum, but I think I needed a job as I not only wanted adult conversation, but I needed something fulfilling to do. I have a husband who is always encouraging me to get back to work but it was me that was holding myself back.

The question going around my head was ‘How can I get a job when I have lost my confidence?’ After 6 years out of the job market, I was convinced that I had left it too long and that I would make a mess when trying to find one. I would always be thinking ‘Could I even get a job, who would employ me?’ and I got to a point where my baby brain couldn’t remember the title of my foundation degree. How bizarre!

That’s when the ‘Change It’ programme came along and I’m now getting job ready.
I’m now making use of all the job support advice I can get my hands on through the children’s centres and Citizens Advice as starting a job hunt can sometimes feel like a mine field, especially with working and family tax benefits.

‘Change It’ helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve, how I was going to achieve it but has also shown me that it’s not a sign of weakness to get support. The best thing was being surrounded by the group as it moved me to action, we were able to all help each other and it also reminded me that I was actually good at helping people.

My previous job was in the personal and social care field and in reality I feel like I had gotten bit rusty. I think sometimes as a mum you can get lost in ‘Mummy Land’ and forget who you were, but I am telling you that you can get back and find out who you are from going on the ‘Change It’ course. I’ve laughed and learned and believe me when I say the people around you will be able to see the difference in you.

It turns out that working on yourself is the key to change and at this moment in time I am applying for jobs in the care sector and gaining experience by volunteering at children’s centres and my local school. Another growth area in my life is my involvement with the Community Sponsorship program that supports Syrian families moving to Liverpool and I am very vocal with my suggestions in the program (that’s the assertiveness I’ve learned from our trainer, Mandy) I am now confident that a new job is in fact possible and that I can achieve it.

I talk about the course all the time in my community and I always recommend it. If you are stuck and you want to change your life the guess what you can. Mandy said on the very first day,

‘If you always do what you’ve always done …you will always get what you’ve always got’

So, stop complaining about how your life is and go and Change IT!

Thank Liz for sharing your fantastic story, we wish you all the best for your future! Join us over on Twitter and Facebook during our #WeEmpower month to keep updated with all things Change it!

We have a number of Change it programmes going on around Liverpool and we have recently added some new dates:
54 St James Street – Wednesday 12th September 2018 (4 Sessions)
Dingle Childrens Centre -Thursday 20th September 2018 (8 sessions)
Toxteth Firefit Hub – Thursday 20th September 2018 (5 sessions)
Everton Childrens Centre – Monday 8th October 2018 (5 Sessions)

If you’d like to find out more information about the programme or to book a place, contact us on 0151 706 8111 or email us on and find out how we can support you.