Sleeptight Maternity Centre in Crosby is the ultimate answer in all things to do with pre and post-natal care – and it is the genius brainchild of Katie Jane Crosbie. Sleeptight Maternity Centre brings together all pre and post-natal services and houses them under one roof, making a huge difference to the new Mums and Dads of Merseyside as they can now see an incredibly varied range of specialists all in one building. From Hypnotherapy to Yoga, from Reflexology to Paediatric First Aid, from Birthing Partners to Physiotherapists, you can find it all under one roof at Sleeptight Maternity Centre.

Katie says; ‘I’d spent so many years seeing families having to hop from one side of a city to the other side to get to various appointments, whether that be Baby Yoga or Hypnotherapy, and I just thought that there is nowhere in Merseyside, Cheshire or Lancashire where you can see all these specialists under one roof, and that’s what I created with Sleeptight Maternity Centre.’

Before Katie started the centre, she had been running her own business as a Maternity Nurse for over 20 years; Sleeptight Maternity Services, offering individual services to new parents both nationally and internationally. The services that she offers include sleep training, breast feeding advice and support, maternity nursing and antenatal home services.

As a Maternity Nurse, Katie would assist new parents in the early days following childbirth and aimed to help parents become comfortable with the challenges that they may face when a new born arrives. This work took her across the country and across the globe as she made connections with different families and helped them in the early days of a new-born’s life. But after so many years of working like this, the travelling aspect of the role grew old for Katie and she began to look for new ways to expand her business and be able to build a base.

Katie says ‘So that’s how it all came about! I then approached The Women’s Organisation and looked into the next step of building a base, and Sleeptight Maternity Centre was born’ Katie heard about us from a friend of hers, who had worked with us when we were known as Train 2000, we were able to pair Katie up with Business Adviser; Yan Miao who offered her the advice and support that she was looking for.

‘I had been doing my Maternity Nurse services for 22 years and successfully built my name up in that area, but this new idea was a whole new ball game for me. I’d never had premises and never pulled all those different things together, so having that support there was great, because I just didn’t know where to start, the courses and how to pull a business plan together were both great too. Having Yan there has been amazing, she brings me and my ideas back down to earth, it’s been amazing.’

As Katie went through the journey of starting her own business, she found, as so many other women do, it has its own set of difficulties and challenges. ‘One of the most challenging things for me was the start! I had so many different ideas and I had to put them down into a business plan and then work towards that business plan. Things do change along the way, but checking in with the original plan is a great help because you can keep in check financially.’
And of course, now Kate is running her business successfully, it’s clear to see what she loves most about! ‘I love the interaction with the clients!’, just like the work she did as a Maternity Nurse, Katie still thrives on building connections with individuals and families at massively important stages of their lives. ‘I  love having a base and seeing my sign up on the main road, I love the freedom of carrying out what my idea started off at, and bringing together all these services in a lovely, and welcoming environment. Sleeptight Maternity Centre is my baby!’

For the future, Katie will continue to develop Sleeptight Maternity Centre and expand and grow the business, as well as continuing to work on a Sleep Training Programme that she has created. Katie is passionate about wanting to create a Sleep Training Programme that is effective and is at a price that many people can afford, working with parents either in one to one consultations or in group settings and offering different levels and packages so that every parent can implement her Sleep Training Programme, and reap the benefits!

If you would like to find out more about Katie, and Sleeptight Maternity Centre, you can do so by following the links below! Or getting in touch using the Contact Details!

Phone Number: 0151 306 8439 
Address: 52a Mersey View, Brighton-le-Sands, Liverpool, Merseyside, L22 6QB

And if you’ve been inspired by Katie’s story and would like to find out how The Women’s Organisation can help you to start your own business, then get in touch by emailing telephoning 0151 706 8111