Are you starting or growing a business? No matter your industry, YOU can benefit from having a business pitch ready. Here we explain what a concise business pitch is, why it’s handy, and give some tips on how to write a pitch for a business.

how to write a business pitch

What is a business pitch? 

A business pitch is a pre-prepared dialogue that allows you to quickly communicate what your business does and why it is special – without holding anyone up or blabbering! It should be clear, position you as an expert in your field, and most importantly, explain the value behind your business – without sounding like it’s all about you. 

A knockout business pitch should also be relatable and engaging, which may mean streamlining your services. Have you ever heard of a 60-second pitch? You may also wish to work out a version short enough to pitch in an elevator ride, for those moments when time is of the essence! 

When can you use your pitch? 

Whenever anyone asks you ‘what do you do?’ you can use it! That might be at a BBQ, an awards event, or a networking event. You can even repurpose it for your online LinkedIn profile or email correspondence.  

Why should you have one? 

A great reason to have a concise pitch prepared is NETWORKING. Are you serious about building your business? Anybody you meet could be your next sale or business connection.   

SO, what makes a killer business pitch? 

It should show the VALUE of your work.  

Ask yourself how you serve your clients – what problem do they have that you solve? Choose an example and back it up with data. 

Opening your pitch with a rhetorical question is a fantastic way to engage your audience and quickly prove your value. For example, ‘do you ever go away and realise you have forgotten your phone charger?’ Of course – most people have! Now it is time to explain your solution.   

It should demonstrate your expertise.  

Another great tip is to give a tidbit of advice. Do you have an insight or a hack that could be helpful to your audience? Using this will position you as an expert, and your audience will keep you in mind for further help in this field.  

It should be easy to understand for an outsider.  

When it comes to writing a pitch for a business it pays to avoid technical jargon – your pitch should be easy to understand for someone not in your industry. You may like to develop a second pitch for industry professionals, but for everyday networking, keep it simple! 

Don’t make it too much about you. 

Position your pitch to talk about your work, and avoid using too many first-person pronouns. A few are unavoidable, but you want people to know you, or your business are great, without sounding boastful.  

In a world where everyone loves a quick fix, a knockout pitch is always valuable. Memorise yours and never miss another business opportunity again.   

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