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Whether you’re at the start of your job search or years into your career, having an interview will always be nerve wracking. There are some difficult interview questions out there which might leave you stuck. However, when you break them down and prepare properly, they can be simple to answer.


difficult interview questions


Here are some difficult interview questions and answers:



  • “Tell me about yourself.”

This will almost always be asked at the start of your interview. It can be surprisingly difficult to answer as it is very open and can potentially go in many directions. It’s important to make sure your response is relevant and to the point. Briefly go through your experience, explain your current role, and your goals. A good sample response would be something like “My name is ____ and I’m currently at the start of my career in admin. I have a degree in ____ from The University of _____ and I am looking to grow my skills in my first entry level role.”



  • “What is your biggest weakness?”


This question is often used to assess your self-awareness and your ability to identify areas for improvement. Be honest about a weakness you have, but also explain what you’re doing to overcome it. For example, you could say something like, “My biggest weakness is that I can be a bit too critical of myself. However, I’m working on this by practicing positive self-talk and focusing on my accomplishments.”

  • “Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer or colleague.”

This question is used to assess your problem-solving skills and your ability to handle conflict. Choose an example of a time when you successfully dealt with a difficult situation. Be sure to explain what happened, what you did, and what the outcome was.

  • “Why are you leaving your current job?”

This question is used to assess your reasons for leaving your current job and to make sure that you’re not leaving for a negative reason. Be honest about your reasons for leaving, but also focus on the positive aspects of the new job you’re interviewing for. For example, you could say something like, “I’m leaving my current job because I’m looking for a new opportunity that will allow me to grow and develop my skills. I’m excited about the opportunity to work at your company because I’m passionate about your mission and values.”

These are just a few examples of difficult interview questions and how to answer them. With the right preparation, there are simple ways to overcome them and excel in your interview. It’s important to remember that interviewers are humans too and often are rooting for you to do well. They want to understand your experience and what you bring to the table. It’s important to show off your skills and strengths and have confidence in yourself!

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difficult interview skills answer