Since leaving the fast-paced world of banking to set up his own financial advice service, Jonathan Causey hasn’t looked back. We worked with Jonathan under our New Markets 2 programme to set Willows Financial Planning on the path to business growth.

We sat down with Jonathan to find out how business is going and why surrounding himself with mentors has been key to his success.

Willows Financial Planning is an independent financial advice service modelled around good old-fashioned honesty. “Bespoke, honest, personalised service that always puts the client first, no matter what”, that’s what director Jonathan Causey says makes his business unique.

Having worked for some of the UK’s biggest banks for several years, Jonathan was growing tired of big corporates in an unrelenting industry. When he was made redundant in 2016 (along with 250 other colleagues), the time seemed right to set up his own business.
Using his own savings, Jonathan took the plunge and Willows Financial Planning Ltd was born. Adjusting from regular monthly pay cheques, to putting all his time, money and energy into making a self-sustaining business was one of the biggest challenges for Jonathan. But all a challenge that has all been worth it.
Today, Jonathan is responsible for over £12 million of client money.
The last two years has certainly seen an impressive level of growth for Willows Financial Planning and this can be put down to Jonathan’s stellar work ethic, staunch values and watertight business planning.
Working with our expert advisor Francine Taylor under the business growth programme, Jonathan was able to identity the strengths and weaknesses within his business. The pair worked closely to map them down and come up with a plan to build and improve on the business model moving forward.
Jonathan says that one of the main takeaways from his time with Francine was around his marketing and social media. He explains: “Francine helped me to understand how putting proper strategies in place is not only essential to attracting new clients and helping the business to grow, but also to reinforce what we do and build our brand values.”
Since working on our business growth programme, Jonathan has received regular, ongoing support and mentoring from our Enterprise Enabler, Ali McGrath.
Talking about the support he receives from Ali, Jonathan says: “We sit down every few months or so and discuss what is happening in the business and look at other things which I could be doing. The support I receive from Ali is amazing – she is such a massive asset to me.
“I think mentors are key to any business, whether you’re a start-up or established business. They can bring things to the table that you’ve never even thought of before but can totally turn your business around.”
Speaking to Jonathan its clear to see how proud he is of Willows Financial Planning and how far he’s come with the business. And with good reason.
His advice to anyone considering self-employment? “Never rest on your laurels. It’s harder than anyone will ever tell you, but it will also be the best thing you ever do! Calculate the risks, keep looking forward, work hard and make sure you’re structured.”
To find out more about Willows Financial Planning, visit the website here.

Jonathan received growth support through our New Markets 2 Programme, which is aimed at women who are running a business focussing on business to business activity in the Liverpool City Region (Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, St Helens, Knowsley and Halton) and who are ready to take their business to the next level, either by expanding their team or significantly increasing turnover.

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