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Even though reports show inflation is leveling and food prices are falling, we are still in the midst of the cost of living crisis. People are still struggling to cover bills and make ends meet. Our Mind and Money programme strives to help people in the Liverpool City Region with their finances and wellbeing.

Educating our community with the skills and knowledge to manage money effectively is something we are passionate about. With the cost of living crisis still looming, we believe it is more important than ever.

Meet Holly, a client we supported along with our partners PennySmart. Her name has been changed to respect her anonymity. Holly is a resilient mother with four dependent children, living in a three-bedroom Plus Dane house. Unemployed and sole care giver of children, her main sources of income are Universal Credit and Child Benefits. She came to the Mind and Money programme for advice on minor debts she had accumulated and money management.



How did the Mind and Money programme help?


The first step was putting together a financial statement with Holly which included a list of her income, expenditure, and debts. This gave us an overall understanding of the client’s current financial situation, where her money was being spent, and ways to improve.

Holly was in receipt of all mean-tested benefits, so the focus was to figure out how to reduce her bills and manage her finances. We identified opportunities for bill reduction through water and broadband social tariffs. The client was also advised on the importance of scrutinizing non-essential expenses as a means of balancing her budget more effectively.

After multiple appointments with her PennySmart advisor, applications have been sent to reduce her overall cost of living. This will make Holly’s everyday life more comfortable and stable for her and her children.

In the long term, a lasting relationship has been made between the Mind and Money programme and Holly. She has been encouraged to access our services if needed in the future. Supporting clients through all stages of their financial resilience journey is key to what we do.

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