Alongside her full-time employment as a Digital Media and Communications Consultant, Georgia now runs her own business including freelance photography, video and design mainly for bands across Liverpool. As well as this, Georgia also runs a website called Shout About It to promote the work of gig photographers. ‘My role allows me to really develop my skills in a fantastic working environment.’

Prior to starting up, Georgia attended University of Westminster where she achieved a 2.1 in BA (Hons) Contemporary Media Practice. ‘This was a fantastic course which allowed me to explore many different areas of lens-based media.’ Georgia had previously worked to set up a business so she knew some of the steps to take. When Georgia found herself in a full-time job, she set aside her business idea in order to fully commit herself to her new job. When the time was right, Georgia then contacted The Women’s Organisation to ask for support. ‘It felt incredible to finally take this step after wanting to do it for so many years.’

Georgia had always wanted to set up her own business, ‘I love the idea of being in control of everything you do and pushing for the things you want to achieve.’ Despite working full time, Georgia still wanted to have a business to allow her to run her festival efficiently. ‘Over the past 2 years, I have done an awful lot of work for free in order to build up my portfolio. This gave me many fantastic opportunities but when you start losing a lot of your own money, it’s time to move forward.

For Georgia, the most daunting aspect to starting up was making sure you’re doing everything right. ‘Things can get very confusing with all the legalities of setting up a business and this is what I struggled with.’  With the help of The Women’s Organisation courses in Tax and National Insurance, ‘things became clearer.’ Georgia has also been meeting with one of our business advisors to help her understand what it takes to set up a business.

‘It is really inspiring to be in a room with so many women all trying to work towards their goals.’

Georgia juggles between her full-time career and self-employment. ‘I lead a very busy lifestyle running around photographing gigs etc.’ Switching between the two roles can overwhelm Georgia and sometimes she can get a bit carried away. ‘I have to slow down and I’m lucky to have friends and family who put me in line when I get carried away.’  Despite these minor obstacles, running your own business is great for Georgia as you can be creative and give people a service that really helps them. ‘I love being able to throw around some ideas and provide an efficient and friendly service without charging an absolute fortune.’

Business for Georgia is going great so far and she feels happy with her progress. Since this is something Georgia does on the side of a full-time career, she can’t devote as much time as she would like to, ‘but for now I am happy with the balance.’This summer, Georgia is putting on a hybrid festival of Live Music & Gig Photography in Liverpool which has been a challenge to organise. It’s called Shout About It Live, if anyone wants to come along, Georgia says it should be an incredible event! Georgia is currently working so hard to get this festival successfully running and if it is a success, she can put on another one next year!

‘I feel that finally setting up a business has been a great achievement.’

For anyone thinking about starting their own business, Georgia would encourage them to just go for it. ‘As long as you know what you want to achieve and really push for it, everything else will fall into place.’ Georgia also stresses the importance to have a good support system of friends and family around to offer help when times get hard.

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