In our new series, #GearUptoGrow, we’re helping new businesses think about what steps they need to take next to boost their business. if you’re thinking about growing, whether this is rethinking your marketing, taking on new staff or looking for help with your bookkeeping, we’re here to help.

Here’s what our clients Lotte Manson of Land Coffee and Vicky Gawith of Merseymade had to say about our support… 

Lotte Manson – Land Coffee

“The outbreak of the coronavirus has caught everyone off guard, and we have all had to find different ways to work, live and communicate…. 

It is a hard time for all both mentally and physically, and I have especially found the experience difficult to deal with. Jacqueline from the Women’s Organisation reached out through emails and telephone meetings, with the kind, enthusiastic and encouraging mentoring she has always displayed throughout my time with her. 

Jacqueline has given some great advice on how to keep connected with our customers and shone a positive light on an otherwise negative situation. She enrolled me onto a few of the amazing courses the WO run which helped me to keep a focus on my business as well as structure a routine for my day, at the same time continuing with our action plans.
Vicky Gawith – Mersey
“I have been very grateful to all the support given to my by The Women’s Organisation…. I came and met Yan Miao first of all who gave me advice on how to move forward with my business plan. 
I then returned to The Women’s Organisation a few months later and from then both Yan Miao and Ali McGrath have supported me on my journey with Merseymade and bringing it to life. 

Ali has introduced me to finance contacts, including MSIF which has helped secure the necessary funding to bring Merseymade and my dreams come to life. So I am so grateful for all the help from The Women’s Organisation.

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