Samantha Foley, a Plus Dane tenant from Halton made massive changes in her life after her daughter began school and decided to start her own business, doing what she had always been passionate about; healing others.

‘I have worked in television for 17 years on shows such as Hollyoaks, Brookside and Grange Hill as a Script Supervisor and also working with continuity. But once my daughter, Angel, started school, I found that filming 60 hours each week was very difficult!’

Samantha had always had an interest in different types of Holistic Therapies and it was at this time that she began to try and juggle both her television work and also her alternative therapies. ‘I began to train as a Script Supervisor back in 2001 and at the same time began to train in Reiki. I was finding both quite tough. But I was really encouraged by the reception from those that I worked with. I would be asked why I hadn’t started my own business and I realised that this was my calling and it was time for me to learn about how to start my own business.’

Simply Angels is Samantha’s all-encompassing business and she has many different types of Holistic treatments that she can offer including; Angelic Reiki, Ursui Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Crystal Healing and Sound Therapy. And as well as all of this Samantha also teaches Yoga classes around her local area.

‘When I decided to start my business I was excited, scared and also clueless! I knew what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure how to market myself as something a little bit different to your usual Holistic Therapist. My boyfriend pointed me in the direction of The Women’s Organisation and I went from there!’

Samantha met one of our Engagement Team at West Kirby library and was able to then arrange to meet our Halton based business adviser Mike Marsden at a location nearer to her home. Mike helped Samantha with her premises as the location that she had previously been in wasn’t attracting much passing trade and soon after Samantha moved to a local garden centre and hired a unit there. She was also able to continue having one to one meetings with Mike and attend training and courses with us to help develop her business.

The advice from The Women’s Organisation is the best advice I’ve been given so far. It’s excellent and professional and it’s great to have that insight and see the potential for you as a business. Also the encouragement and kindness given by the advisors is priceless, that will stay with me forever.’

After launching her business, Simply Angels, Samantha is delighted to report; ‘It’s going really, really well!’ After working in television for many years she had a large network of people and a community that she could tell about the work that she was doing. Samantha told us; ‘It’s only the beginning of my journey but I feel really satisfied with the service I offer my clients. But there is so much more I would like to offer in the future! Whilst I’m building my foundations now I am like a little acorn and one day I hope to be a mighty oak!’
And self-employment is definitely the right choice for Samantha, as not only does it mean that she can now work around the school hours, but it also seems a great fit for her personality. ‘People who go into business alone are different, they have uniqueness and individuality. It’s an adrenaline rush, striving to get a decent income and fighting through the doubt. But believing in yourself is key!’

We wish Samantha all the best of luck with her business; Simply Angels! If you would like to find out more about the work that Samantha is doing you can use the contact details below!

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