Food Sorcery Cookery School was born out of a passion to get people cooking. After delivering big plans during their start-up phase, owners Helen Jacks and Mark Seymour Mead needed advice on how to grow, and receive recognition for their achievements at the prestigious Cookery School of the Year Awards.
Food Sorcery offers cookery classes for all abilities
Founded in 2016 in the peaceful suburbs of Didsbury, Food Sorcery Cookery School provides a fun-filled, hands-on approach to cooking.  As well as giving students the opportunity to cook up a storm, the school also offers top-quality barista training, holiday camps, and bespoke training for all dietary requirements. In addition, Food Sorcery is available to hire as a venue space, and makes a valuable contribution to Manchester’s buzzing nightlife.
Helen recognised the need for her business to stand out, especially as Food Sorcery provides an unparalleled service with high-quality standards. As well as having two resident chefs who have worked in fine dining and lectured globally, the company also welcomes renowned guest chefs, and incorporates nutrition and wellbeing with an on-site nutritionist for a holistic, wrap-around approach to food.
Food Sorcery were runners up in the Cookery School of the Year Awards in 2018, which galvanised Helen to reach for the top prize the following year. However, with the pressures and lack of time due to being a working mother, plus her sizeable business operations to oversee, Helen struggled with translating her visions into an award-winning bid. At this point, she approached Excelerate Labs for some advice and support.
Working with our business adviser, Ameena Ahmed, for a 12-week period of funded support, Helen addressed the key ingredients of her business, with Ameena providing a sounding board and expert advice on how to write a winning bid. Helen submitted her application, and won the coveted Cookery School of the Year Award 2019, going on to then win The Food Awards England 2019 soon after. A successful year all in all!
Helen and Mark at The Food Awards
Since the support of Excelerate Labs, Food Sorcery has seen their turnover steadily increase, and has created 2.5 new jobs. This growth is only expected to continue as the company goes from strength to strength.
Looking to the future, Food Sorcery is building towards becoming more sustainable, eliminating single use plastics, using local produce and donating spare food to charities and hotels. They are also promoting healthy lifestyles and tackling childhood obesity by working with schools and parents, showing that healthy food is easy to make and needn’t break the bank.
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