Here at The Women’s Org we have just wrapped up our fourth and final Change It programme of the year. This blog will look at the feedback from our final project and fill you in about all that happened at our 2016 Change It Celebration.
Change It is an empowering programme for women living in Liverpool with a diagnosed mental health condition and who are looking for support to build a more positive future. Change It began in 2016 and ran four very successful projects across the year and we believed that this called for a Christmas celebration!

Trainer of ‘Change It’, Bernie Cox
Last week we hosted an event at 54 St James Street inviting all the women who attended our 2016 Change It courses for a chance to ‘catch up’ over a cup of tea and a mince pie, in true festive spirit. The event gave the participating women across all four courses a chance to meet each other, think about just how far they have come and look ahead to the future.
Also in attendance was guest speaker and 54 Tenant Steve Flatt from the Psychological Therapies Unit to deliver an interesting and thought-provoking discussion on positive thinking. Steve introduced us to Solution-Focused Practice which is a highly effective and refreshing way of approaching the job of having ‘helping conversations’ with people. Solution-Focused Practice focuses on what is going right for you and how you want things to be, a progressive therapy that allows you to move forward.
Steve Flatt from The Psychological Therapies Unit
Reflecting on the project and the impact it had, we asked the women what they thought had been the best thing about ‘Change It’, comments included:
 “No pressure to introduce myself”
“Thinking about my achievements”
“An all-female surrounding”
“Doesn’t focus on goals”
“Small group discussions”

We then asked what they felt they had successfully changed, comments included:
“I feel more assertive and confident”
“Reduced my anxiety”
“Self-worth has improved”
“More positive feelings and thinking”

Finally, we asked what difference it has made to their wellbeing, comments included:
“More confident”
“Given structure to my days”
“Made new friends”
“More confident”
“Encouraged me to purse formal education”
“Improved my self-esteem”
“Made me deal with everyday situations better”
Change It Certificate 
The event was a huge success and a great cause for celebration, putting into perspective just how far each ‘Change It’ attendee had come having officially Changed It.
A big thank you to Steve Flatt for providing such great food-for-thought with his expertise in Solution-Focused Practice. If you would like to find out more about The Psychological Therapies Unit and the services they offer, please visit  or email

If you are a female living in Liverpool with a diagnosed mental health condition and looking for support to building a positive future, our next Change It programme will commence on Wednesday 11th of January. If you would like to find out more, get in touch with our Engagement team on 0151 706 8111 or email