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As 2023 comes to a close, we are continuing our support for individuals and communities across the Liverpool City Region. Alongside our partners, we are dedicated to helping those who may be facing financial challenges or uncertainties.  From debt relief, to money mindfulness and budgeting advice, we’re here to promote healthy habits and financial resilience to all in our region.


This is the ongoing story of a female Mind and Money client, who will remain anonymous for privacy reasons. She approached Citizen’s Advice Liverpool for support with debts, benefits, and general financial well being.

The client was out-of-work due to mental and physical illness, and historically suffered from cancer. In this time, she had accumulated multiple debts including magistrate court fines, council tax arrears, and other non-priority debts.

The client started to attend 1-2-1 sessions with her key worker, Eric, where they first completed a forecast of her finances including full details of her debts, proof of income and support with income, and general expenditure. This helped them figure out what support to tackle first and create a plan of action.


What support did she receive from Mind and Money & Citizen’s Advice Liverpool?


With the guidance of her key worker, she was able to claim several avenues of financial support. This includes:


  • A referral for specialist debt advice. A payment arrangement was set up for the magistrate’s court fine to prevent committal to prison and the client is progressing towards completing a Debt Relief Order (insolvency) application for the qualifying debts she has.
  • Food bank vouchers and a registration at the Blue Base food pantry.
  • Supported with a benefit check and Universal Credit claim.
  • Mandatory reconsideration for her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as the client had been refused PIP in the past but had not mentioned all her health conditions.
  • Application for a free bus pass.
  • A successful application to the Margaret Fund of £400 towards a wardrobe, clothing, and mattress.
  • Supporting in registering with her water and fuel providers.


Liverpool cost of living crisis



The next steps for the client include a Debt Relief Order application which will write off her debts. She will also be provided with further advice on effective money management with her key worker.


Since accessing supporting from Citizen’s Advice Liverpool and Mind and Money, the client is feeling happier and relieved. She should be able to pay her essential bills without numerous debts looming over her head. Her mental health has improved and her free bus pass has enabled her to be more mobile, cutting social isolation.



How can The Women’s Organisation help?

Do you live in the Liverpool city region? Are you struggling with the cost of living crisis, food prices, and energy bills? Looking for some friendly 1-2-1 support? Contact our friendly team on 0151 706 0113 or Our advisors and support workers are here to help you reach your financial goals.


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