As 2018 marks the centenary of voting rights for (some) women, Business Breakfast celebrated the trailblazing women in business who are continuing to lead the charge for equality to this very day.

We headed to Museum of Liverpool to discover stories, experiences and advice from influential women who successfully established themselves in the modern working world. Guest speakers included; CEO of The Women’s Organisation, Maggie O’Carroll, Director of Museum of Liverpool & Merseyside Maritime Museum at National Museums Liverpool, Janet Dugdale and Former General Manager of Microsoft and current CEO of Earthport, Amanda Mesler.

With an early start, the women of Liverpool turned out in high numbers ready for coffee, pastries and a morning of empowerment. Up first, Janet Dugdale touched on 100 years of suffrage, paying particular attention to Lydia Becker a great leader in the early British suffrage movement. Janet reiterated the importance of powerful women today following in her footsteps, “together we can connect, collaborate and have a voice…”

Up next, CEO of The Women’s Organisation Maggie O’Carroll asked guests to put their hands up if they considered themselves a leader, with only half of the room reacting: “If this was a room full of men, there’d be quite a different response”. 
Maggie identified the most corrosive element to women climbing the ladder is that women don’t believe they’re leaders, she stated that true leadership is investing in yourself and helping others along the way: “leadership is an ill-defined concept, so make of it what you want and develop your own style. You ARE women who lead – don’t forget it!”

Finally, we heard from the incredible Amanda Mesler! Amanda’s wealth of executive experience in the corporate world, alongside being a mum to three daughters, has made her passionate about helping women create and achieve their ambitions. Amanda’s words of advice were, “fake it until you make it”, she recalled getting an ambitious job that she was the least qualified for: “confidence is key – initiative over experience is my mantra.”

Juggling a demanding job with international travel, alongside being a mother and having a passion for sports and running, some may ask just HOW Amanda maintains balance: “I’m always asked about balance, it doesn’t exist. That’s why I have four pillars of strength: family, international career, sports (Everton) and giving back. It usually only takes a little bit of energy to get me back on track, and I can get that from my pillars”.

Amanda recently became the CEO of Earthport, an upcoming business that helps with cross-border payments, “I run the company and get to change the culture. If I say diversity is important, if I say gender equality is absolutely critical, it’s going to happen because I have the power to make it happen” – YES AMANDA!

Having travelled to Liverpool for an Everton game several years back, Amanda fell in love with Goodison Park, our city and the people within it: Me and my daughter went to one match at Goodison and completely fell in love. I love the community of the city, it’s my favourite city in the U.K.”

Amanda’s final words of wisdom, “Be bold. Have confidence in yourself. Fake it till you make it. You are already a leader, you can make a difference and you will make a difference.”

After a morning of inspiring discussion, Maggie then asked for a second time “who considers themselves a leader?” – we had a room full of hands up.
Feedback included:

What a great inspiring session, one of the best I’ve attended

Inspiring event, great speakers, amazing venue and lots of lessons to take back to the office. I look forward to the next one.

A fantastic, motivational talk. It’s great to have insight into what women can achieve. Family AND career is doable.

WOW! What a truly inspiring morning. So great to hear other stories. I feel inspired and empowered. Thank you.

Inspiring keynote speeches. All the women who spoke made me feel empowered to remember ‘I am a leader’ in my own life in every aspect. Thank you – I look forward to more events.

Inspirational! Given me the motivation to lead and have confidence in myself.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who attended our Business Breakfast, as well as to our event partners Museum of Liverpool.
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