Angelica Elliot launches Incabrit, a business creating fashion accessories such as wool scarves, jewellery and leather bags. 

Angelica Elliot, The founder of Incabrit approached us seeking business support and was excited about finally starting her own business with support from The Enterprise Hub.
Before starting up, Angelica Elliot had worked a number of different jobs, from working to help the homeless to being a full time special needs teacher in Chile. When asked about venturing into self-employed, Angelica said

“At this stage of my life I wanted, for many years, to create different products from the comfort of my own home but continue being financially independent from my husband.”
Speaking about the barriers to starting up her own business, Angelica spoke of learning everything she knows about running a business from scratch and how being a housewife does give her time to focus on building her business in a sometimes too laid back environment, something that hasn’t deterred Angelica from her work. 
When speaking about the support she received from the The Women’s Organisation, Angelica said
“I received support from my business adviser, Francine Taylor. The free courses are also very good in quality and it’s a process of constant learning which is what I need to keep doing”
Incabrit launched in December 2017 and Angelica is starting to focus more on her marketing and gaining social media knowledge. When asked about the advice she would give friends looking to jump into self-employment, she said “Go to The Women’s Organisation and be brave enough to jump into it and give it a good try”
Angelica is confident that her business is now going to grow and wants to reach social areas that help vulnerable people and has recently been in contact with a financial consultancy to work towards starting her own social enterprise, something which Angelica says is her main goal in life, to be able to help others. Speaking about her start-up experience, Angelica spoke of the importance of contacts and business planning

“When I can’t go any further I always ask for help, even though I haven’t been living in Liverpool for long I have already got some good contacts that are willing to assist me. I want to say thank you to Francine, who helped me a lot and pushed me to finally complete my business plan”

You can contact Angelica and keep updated with Incabrit on Facebook here
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