Andrea turned to the Women’s Organisation’s Change It to support her in her postpartum depression recovery journey.
Andrea, 38-year-old mum of four and grandmother of two gave birth to her fourth child in 2018.  After giving birth, she began to suffer from post-partum depression, which left her feeling isolated, anxious and overwhelmed. ‘I felt alone, unworthy, and a failure in every aspect of my life…I had very low confidence and wanted to build up a better understanding of myself and my abilities.’ 
Andrea was fed-up of being controlled by her feelings and decided to take action to change her outlook on life. An organisation called Person Shaped Support recommended Andrea to enrol on Change It, and the rest is history! Andrea now feels much more confident in herself, and more able to strive for what she wants in life: ‘I believe I can achieve my goals if I put my mind to it. The programme has encouraged me to follow my dreams.’
Our Change It programme helps women like Andrea build confidence and get their life back on track. She described her favourite part of the programme as meeting brave and influential women in similar situations. Every woman in the room is going through something, each has their own battles, their own stories, and of course, they all have one thing in common – to be better versions of themselves. 
Andrea expressed special thanks to Jenny, who lead the sessions; through her help and advice, Andrea has recognised her array of transferable skills and is planning on gaining voluntary experience supporting individuals struggling with mental health and domestic abuse. She also plans on taking a counselling course to support people who have been through the same experiences as herself.
Andrea is one of many women who have attended Change IT, and turned their lives around for the better to achieve their goals. Whatever your vision for yourself, Andrea’s advice is simple: Don’t think about it, just do it, and make the change to your life today. I have most definitely ‘changed it’ for the better!’
If you’re looking to get started on building a positive future, we still have ‘Change it: Progress to Success’ dates available:

The Women’s Organisation – 54 St James Street, L1 0AB

4 Week session starting Wednesday 29th April 2020 (10am – 3pm)


If you’d like to find out more information about the programme or to book contact us on 0151 706 8111 or email us on and find out how we can support you.