Father and son, Joseph and Jordan Taylor, are experienced domestic and commercial electricians operating in the Merseyside area. Together, they run Elecsafe Northwest and in September last year, they launched Merseyside EVC – a business specialising in electric vehicle charge point installation.

The duo say they believe electric vehicles could be key to achieving a greener, more sustainable future and are committed to making electric vehicle technologies more widely available to home owners, workplaces, businesses, car parks, fleets and public places.

While the pair share a passion and have built a great deal of collective experience in the industry, they decided that in order to succeed with the goal of launching such a niche business, they would need to seek outside help and expertise to develop their plan and growth strategy.

Thankfully with support from Enterprise Hub, Joseph and Jordan were able to gain business advice and training specifically tailored to their needs.

We asked the Taylors to share their experiences so far.

Could you share some information about yourselves and your business?

We’re a local, family-run business with offices located at 54 St James Street in the heart of Liverpool. We are committed to helping to achieve a safer, greener, more sustainable future and making the planet a better, cleaner place for our children and grandchildren – and we believe electric vehicles can contribute greatly towards that.

There is a misconception that electric vehicle charging points can be intrusive and costly, but we have the ideal EV charging solution for every requirement, location and budget.

How are you both feeling with regard to your business progression?

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and how we have carved out a niche. We have already secured work with many local homeowners, workplaces and businesses across Merseyside. We hope to continue to grow the business and our team of EVC installers, creating local jobs as we continue to secure more commercial work.

Did you face any barriers whilst growing your business, or did you find any aspects of it particularly daunting?

Being self-employed and growing a business means you have to wear many hats, which is always challenging. We have come to realise we realise can’t be good at everything required to build a business.

Every day is a school day in business. Something we have come to learn is to outsource wherever necessary to help fill skills gaps within your core team – i.e. social media and marketing – so that your time can be dedicated to the things you do well.

How has working with Enterprise Hub helped you both with your business growth?

We received business growth support from Francine Taylor, who reviewed our existing business model and helped map out a clear growth strategy, which we found incredibly useful. We have made a start on implementing many of the suggested actions and are already seeing an impact.

If a friend of yours was looking to set up their own business, based on your experiences and the things you have learned, what advice would you give them?

We would advise them to access business support from the experienced and professional business advisors at Enterprise Hub. They will help get you on your feet and organised, so that you can hit the ground running. It’s also been really useful to have a third eye on our business to spot the gaps.

Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Running a business takes a lot of patience, tenacity and hard work. Small steps add up to big things and a positive mindset will help you to keep going.

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