September is a month of fresh starts. Our younger selves were primed to think of September as a new beginning, so why not take advantage? Back to school vibes are in the air, and the new sense of motivation is contagious. It’s easier than ever to commit to new learning and self improvement.

Move over January, here’s why September is THE month to start work on old & new goals.

January Blues: In September, your Vitamin D reserves are brimming, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed some fun in the sun. In contrast, January can be a dark and dreary month. People are winding down from Christmas, and for many it’s the hardest financial time. If you thrive off bright and warm weather, it can be especially difficult to get motivated.

There’s no contest here. September is a winner when it comes to being productive and positive. End the year strong and ward off the January blues!

Clearer View of Next Year: Who do you want to be in January? With the year winding down, you might have a better idea of your annual goals. Do you want to move into a new career or progress to the next level?  

Fully funded and accredited short courses such Digital Marketing, Intro to Project Management, and Stepping Into Management can provide you will CV savvy skills in a short space of time.

By upskilling in September, you will be able to align your new skills with your goals for the remaining months and start the new year with confidence. 

Season of Change: As seasons change, people are often more open to making changes in their routines and habits. This can make a new session a great time to adopt a new learning regimen. 

The Perfect Time Period: Three months is an ideal time period to set specific, measurable goals and see them through without losing momentum, and a new year acts as the perfect motivation.

Studies show it takes approx. 66 days to learn a new habit. Pick up a new skill or positive habit by Christmas, and then take a well earned December break.  

Feeling lost on what you want to develop? Our course, Skills & Strengths – Unlocking Your Full Potential is a great place to start.

Less Hectic Schedules: September tends to be less hectic than the holiday season or year-end, especially if you have children who are of school or nursery age. This can provide you with the time and mental space to focus on your upskilling efforts without as many distractions.

Professional Development: Many organisations allocate budgets for professional development at the beginning of their fiscal year, which often coincides with September. If you are currently in employment, now is the time to enquire about courses, workshops, or certifications.

Final Thoughts: Upskilling isn’t limited to September, but the characteristics of this time of year can create an advantageous environment for initiating your learning journey and making meaningful progress toward your goals.

Set the stage for progress and meet the new year with excitement, positivity and pride in your achievements.

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