Figures show that 98% of people have watched an online video to gain an understanding about products and services. This is because videos can help demonstrate notions that are difficult to understand, such as how do products and services work. Creating videos is a must in interacting and engaging with potential customers, so here are five important tips in creating a video for your business.

1. Location 

Location is important because it is the overall visual aspect of your video in which it will set the mood and feel for your business. For example, you could provide videos from either inside or the surrounding areas of your business which could set the overall tone and feeling of your business. 

The location could provide a background to surrounding areas of your business in which people could recognise and could make the viewers more inclined to watch your video and make them engage more. Recording Inside your business could provide viewers with the background of the office. An office location and background could transfer a sense of realism about your business by seeing people working.

2. Audio 

Once you have found your ideal location you need to make sure that no unnecessary sound disrupts your video, for example, if you are recording outside you need to make sure that traffic noise does not interrupt the quality of your video. Other aspects like the wind can also be a problem with the audio. Therefore, location is important, you need to find an area where none of these potential factors could be an of issue in effecting your video. 

3. Landscape video camera 

By recording videos vertically, the content will appear crammed due to having less coverage area. Therefore, videos should be recorded in landscape mode. This is mainly because videos need to be presented in widescreen format in order to be viewed on TV and computer screens etc. 

4. Be prepared with a script 

By having a prepared script before the video, it will give you the chance to practice what needs to be addressed before you record it on the video. Therefore, this will ultimately save you time. 

5. Using subtitles on videos 

There are a number of reasons why you should provide subtitles on your videos, these include, providing the opportunity for people who are suffering from hearing loss or people who are deaf the chance to watch your video. This is a big issue within the UK with figures suggesting that 11 million people have problems with their hearing. By 2035 this will increase to 15.6 million people. By providing subtitles you are giving a large portion of the total population a chance not to miss out on any important information about your business. 

Providing subtitles are not just for people who can’t hear, it can be for times when it is unsuitable to play sound such as work offices, public transport; subtitles presents people with additional alternatives to view your content. 

Engaging visually is a much easier way to understand your business message compared to text-based content. By implementing these five easy tips you could then share your video on your social media which will increase traffic to your website. 

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