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Digital Innovations for Growth Academy (DIGA)

We will enhance digital learning

Digital Innovations for Growth Academy (DIGA) will develop a new, innovative ICT and digital training programme for staff delivering vocational education and training in the fields of entrepreneurship and business development.  This training will provide opportunities for Enterprise Trainers and Educators (ETE) to attain focused learning on digital literacy, digital knowledge and understanding, digital skills and digital tools and processes.

To find out more about DIGA or to access the learning resources, head to the DIGA website.

This project will result in the enhanced deployment of digital and ICT tools by ETE and improve their digital competencies in order to address the key needs to:

1. Develop the ICT and digital skills, knowledge and capacity of VET trainers to enable them to support learners within SMEs more effectively and encourage greater adoption of digital and ICT tools.

The UNESCO framework on ICT and digital economy identifies three complementary and overlapping approaches that are central to supporting digital and ICT adoption; technology literacy, knowledge deepening and knowledge creation and the DIGA Academy intends to contribute to this proposed framework by: Increasing the technological skills of ETE by developing their technology literacy and cascading that learning to SMEs; Developing and implementing ICT and Digital theory and practice with ETE through a knowledge deepening process which improve their skills, knowledge, and understanding; Developing and testing a transferable VET model of learning which focuses on ICT / digital knowledge development; Developing a digital programme which is recognised part of professional VET educators workforce development and is matched against quality systems and best practice proposals for each country referenced in EQAVET.


2.  Adapt VET programmes to support the changing needs of the EU workforce/economy: Developing more ICT/ Digital capable training infrastructure.

DIGA will provide ETE communities with the necessary ICT and digital knowledge to help SME learners adopt digital and ICT strategies. Studies suggest that US growth companies are 8.5% more productive than EU owned firms and that over 80% of this advantage is explained by better use of training and development & more effective deployment of ICT. 


3. Ensure that VET programmes are equally open and accessible to women and men learners.

DIGA will reduce gender bias in the design and implementation of the programme by utilising gender equality knowledge and scrutinising its development through a ‘gender lens’ 


DIGA Partnership

Digital Innovations for Growth Academy (DIGA) Project will bring together a dynamic European Partnership, linking seven organisations from across Europe.  The partners involved are:

​Here are the partners pictured at a visit to The Women's Organisation in 2015
















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DIGA Reports

Download latest reports from the DIGA project below:

Empirical Study - The Role and Use of Digital Technologies - Full Report

Empirical Study Summary - The role and use of Digital Technologies

DIGA - Povzetek raziskave

Estudio empírico de estudio - El papel y el uso de las tecnologías digitales

Empirinio Tyrimo Santrauka - Skaitmeniniu Technologiju Paskirtis Ir Naudojimas

Emprirical Study Summary - The Role and use of Digital Technologies - Bulgarian


Dr Briga Hynes from the University of Limerick and lead author of the DIGA research report highlights key messages in a series of briefing papers:


DIGA Learning Programme

DIGA partners have been developing a new program to provide ETE communities with the necessary ICT and digital knowledge to help SME learners adopt digital and ICT strategies.  To enable this they have developed an Educators Curriculum of 5 module learning program that will soon be piloted in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain and the UK.  Further information on each module is available here:

Digital Innovations for Growth Academy: Programme Aim and Outcomes


Dissemination Events

Pioneering Women  - Business Digital Mastermind - Wednesday 18th November Liverpool, UK. Click here for more information

DIGA Project Holds Dissemination Event In Brussels. Click here for more information


Connecting Online

A Linkedin Group has been set up to support project communication.  To request to join click the linkedin button below.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.  Any publications or communications reflect the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
Women in full-time work currently earn an average of 15% less per hour than men
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself, that is the best combination"
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In 2010, 104 million women in 59 countries started and managed new business ventures
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
30,000 women every year lose their jobs as a result of becoming pregnant.
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
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