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Kickstart Training Skills

Just applied for a Kickstart scheme placement and want some help to be job ready? The Women’s Organisation offer expert advice, skills training, and career development opportunities to help you stand out from the crowd.

Everyone’s needs and journey are different, and our team are here to create a pathway that meets your needs.  Whether you are just  applying for your first job, or trying to get into the career you’ve always wanted, our support has you covered.

Level Up: Creating Career Confidence

Level Up: Creating Career Confidence will help you to build a toolkit of strategies that you can use to make the changes you want, and build your confidence to take the next steps towards work.

Day 1 – Developing a positive mindset

  • How our thoughts can impact our feelings and behavior.
  • Why do we have negative thoughts? Where do they come from?
  • Challenging negative thinking.
  • Practical strategies: affirmations, gratitude, positive self-talk, mindfulness.

Day 2 – Looking at these behaviors, what is assertiveness, passive, passive-aggressiveness.

  • How assertive are you? What stops us from being assertive?
  • Practical strategies to start building our assertiveness.
  • Learn how to ask for help, saying no, and accepting compliments.

Day 3 – Money and Setting Goals

  • What is our money mindset?
  • How our mindset on money impacts our financial resilience.
  • How to build a budget and trim our spending.
  • Looking at our strengths and skills
  • Identifying areas to improve, what opportunities are there for us
  • Practical strategies to start building our assertiveness

Each of these sessions is interactive and offers real practical advice including short videos to watch, quizzes, discussions, and takeaway tools.

Wider programme of training

On completion of Creating Career Confidence there is a wider programme of training that can be accessed. These sessions include:

Level Up: To the Perfect Interview 

his one-hour course is open to individuals who would like help to understand how to ace a job interview.

Level Up: One Hour To Complete Your CV

This one-hour course is open to individuals who would like help preparing a CV that will give them the best chance of securing an interview.

Level Up: Industry Panel Talks

Meet an expert panel to get practical hints and tips on how to get started in various industries, along with advice about routes into the industry.

For more information:

If you are interested in any of these sessions, you can get in touch with us on kickstart@thewo.org.uk