Change It: Renew

About Change It: Renew

The Women’s Organisation are pleased to offer Change It: Renew, a programme to support local women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives to feel more positive about what they can achieve. Change It: Renew is open to women in the Liverpool City Region who are looking for support to build a better world at home, at work or in relationships.

This confidence and resilience building programme is delivered by our team online, in Liverpool’s children’s centres and at 54 St James Street, home of The Women’s Organisation.

Change It: Renew – Webinars

To ensure our programme is accessible to a diverse spectrum of women, we are delivering a series of online events that address key issues women face day-to-day, offering advice and key tools to overcome challenges.

For the latest list of webinars available through this programme visit our events page.

Change It: Renew – Groups

Change It: Renew brings together small groups of women from the community, to share in building a pathway to a brighter future. Led by one of our experienced facilitators, the groups look at:

Positive Thinking and Learning about Yourself

  • Developing positive thinking skills and how to think effectively
  • Identifying positive achievements in our lives
  • Identifying our beliefs and values and how this impacts on our relationships and decisions
  • Completing a ‘learning styles’ questionnaire to understand what type of learner we are and how this can affect us
  • Breaking negative thinking habits

How to Become a More Assertive You

  • Understanding assertiveness
  • Learning how to say no in a positive way
  • Building your communication skill

Managing Change

  • Understanding the impact of transition
  • Learning about where you are in your transition curve

How to Present Yourself with Confidence

  • Accepting compliments
  • Understanding how to avoid self-sabotage

Building an Effective Employability Toolkit

  • Setting achievable goals
  • Understanding the difference between skills and qualities
  • Completing a skills audit and developing a personal profile

Understanding How to Get the Job You Want

  • Understanding the process of job applications and requirements of employers
  • Learning how to present yourself with confidence at interview

Change It: Renew FAQs

Will there be any role play?

No, we do not use role play for this programme.

Will I be asked to speak about myself?

We will never put you on the spot or ask you to speak in front of the group.  Any sharing is completely voluntary and down to your personal preference.  We try to create an environment which is open for those who want to share, but safe if you would rather just join in quietly.

Who will be informed that I am attending this programme?

We do not pass your details on to the Jobcentre or any other organisations.  We will only share data with the charity that funds the programme: the National Lottery Community Fund.

What can I expect to gain from the programme?

Many of the participants from our programme have gone on to improve their quality of life, whether that be through further personal or professional development.

The Benefits of Change It

Through taking part in any of the events on offer through Change It, we hope that you will take away:

  • Tools to manage your thinking in a more constructive way
  • Learning about yourself and building a more positive outlook
  • Further developed effective communication skills
  • Experiences of meeting like-minded women
  • The ability to make better choices for your future
  • Information about local support and opportunities available to you
  • Support to make the changes that you want to in your life

For More Information on Change It: Renew


Telephone: 0151 706 8111

Our Funders

Change It is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and DCMS.