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Career Development

Career Development

Wanting help to get your career moving but not sure where to start? The Women’s Organisation offer expert advice, skills training, and career development opportunities to help you to realise your career ambition.  Everyone’s needs and journey are different, and our team are here to create a pathway that meets your needs.  Whether you are just starting your employment journey, or wanting to move forward and strengthen your leadership profile, we would love to support you to create the change you are looking for.

Starting at the Beginning

If you aren’t in paid employment at the moment, but are keen to move towards that goal, our team are here to help!  Whether lack of confidence, money worries, or other things are making it more difficult we can help you to understand how to tackle these issues. Or perhaps you feel your CV, application or interview technique are not bringing you the right opportunities. Whatever your career development need, we can help you build a toolkit to get you to the next step along your journey.

Our ‘Your Next Step’ career development programme includes:

  • Your Next Step: Creating career confidence.

Over half a day each week for four weeks we will guide you through essential tools to develop confidence setting you off on your journey to a more positive future.

This covers:

Developing a more positive mindset, understanding assertiveness and how to avoid negative thoughts, feelings, and situations, Understanding the link between money worries and mental health and how we can manage this, exploring what we want for ourselves and how to set goals and a plan to get there.

  • Your Next Step: One Hour to Create Your CV

In one hour online this workshop we will help you understand how to create a CV and cover letter that will get you noticed.

  • Your Next Step: One Hour to Ace Your Application

In one hour online this workshop will demystify the job application process and help you to know how to really sell yourself on written/digital applications.

  • Your Next Step One Hour to Prepare for Interview

In one hour online this workshop will help you to understand what interviewers are looking for and how to build a confident interview style to increase your chance of success.

  • Digital Skills

We have various tools and programmes to help you build key digital skills for the workplace. Whether you want to familiarise yourself with Microsoft Teams, using zoom to deliver presentations, or the basics of digital marketing – let us know and we will work with you towards these goals.

  • Exploring Self-Employment

Once you have built your confidence if you want to explore creating your own job through self-employment our Enterprise Hub team can help.

Whether you are registered as unemployed, or economically inactive (not in paid employment so perhaps volunteering, student, retired, full time carer, home maker or something else), we would love to help you move forward to your next step. Visit our events page for latest dates or contact our team via hello@thewo.org.uk or 0151 706 8111 to chat about your needs.

These services are jointly funded by European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund as part of our Better Off Finance – Building Better Opportunities programme.  To find out more about the background of the project, our funders and aims please visit our Better Off Finance – Building Better Opportunities Page here

We also work in partnership with other organisations within the Liverpool City Region to offer targeted support based on need. Find out more about this by visiting our Directions and New Horizons pages.

On the Career Ladder & Wanting to Progress

You may have started to build stepping stones along your career path but would benefit from support to take the next steps. Everyone’s ambition is different, and your career goal might be to be more effective in the role you have, to explore opportunities for promotion, to move into leadership and management, or perhaps to realise entrepreneurial ambition. Wherever you are aiming to do, our expert training and development team can help you to expand your skills and knowledge to move forward.

Our extensive training programme will offer opportunities to explore:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Stepping into Management (Level 2 qualification unit)
  • Resilience (Level 2 qualification unit)
  • Unconscious Bias (Level 2 qualification unit)
  • Digital Marketing (Level 3 qualification unit)
  • Presenting Online – Zoom (Level 3 qualification unit)

To find out more about the Advice Skills Academy 2.0 and Enterprise Hub Skills projects that underpin this work, please visit these pages on our website.  These projects are part funded by European Social Fund and free to access depending upon eligibility.

Visit our events page for latest dates or contact our team via hello@thewo.org.uk or 0151 706 8111 to chat about your needs.

We can also support business leaders to grow their enterprise through mentoring and strategic business planning support. You can find out more on our ‘Growing Your Business’ page.

Current Service

While we cannot meet you in person at present, we can still support in other ways. In response to COVID-19, we have redesigned our services to operate on a virtual basis. All business advice meetings and training courses will be delivered via telephone, email, individual and group video links.