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Enterprise Evolution

We are Embedding Entrepreneurial Approaches in Individuals and Organisations


Enterprise Evolution seeks to add entrepreneurial value to you and your business by building your capacity and ability to respond positively to change, and realise a truly entrepreneurial organisation.  

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We offer entrepreneurial learning and support to organisations and individuals, helping with the adaption of new working practices/structures to embed high value approaches.  We bring a wealth of experience of innovative practice relating to enterprise education, entrepreneurship support, women’s economic development, project monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment.

Enterprise Evolution recognises the need for ongoing development in the face of the uncertain and complex changes that affect all organisations, staff and entrepreneurs alike.



  • Supporting the development of entrepreneurial outcomes in others
  • Developing the entrepreneurial mind-set
  • Evaluating practice and progress


What We Do

Enterprise Evolution offers a range of services for organisations that are looking to make a change through their own development, and that of their staff.   Our services include:


Enterprise Education – practitioners and staff development; awareness raising, educational policy overview and entrepreneurial teaching methods


Mentoring – One-to-one mentoring for entrepreneurs and enterprise educators who are leading projects or teams or seeking to further their own, or their institutional, development.


Evaluation – review and support to help assess performance and impact; address organisational progress on the national stage; develop evaluation frameworks that support long-term development.


Group Facilitation –customised workshops designed to develop entrepreneurial capacity, or reach key organisational outcomes (including Away-Days; team or board reviews, and supporting professional development programmes).


Workshops – stand-alone seminars that build entrepreneurial outcomes, or upskill educators to support entrepreneurial outcomes in others, including staff development


Research – Looking into the latest thinking in enterprise and entrepreneurship with a particular focus on supporting enterprise educators and their practice.


Recent client work has included:

  • Staff Development Workshops and Programme Design/Delivery
  • Entrepreneurial Teaching Methods
  • Project Management and Research
  • Curriculum and Institutional Review
  • Group Facilitation including Away Days
  • Individual Mentoring and Institutional Advisor
  • Project Evaluation and Impact Assessment

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Who We Are


Alison Price

Alison has worked to support enterprise and entrepreneurship, primarily supporting graduate and female entrepreneurship for over twenty years. As Principal Consultant at Enterprise Evolution, she brings extensive experience of working to create entrepreneurial outcomes in others with expert research, facilitation skills and considerable understanding of potential of economic development through enterprise.

Alison was a Director at the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) working to create culture change and support those working in the education environment. Prior to this, Alison was Head of Enterprise Education at Leeds Metropolitan University. Alison has a Masters in Corporate Social Responsibility and has worked as a Senior Consultant at York Consultancy.

Her international experience includes Enterprise Educator training in China, as well as working in Sri Lanka on industry and university co-development. She was also a Visiting Professor of Enterprise Education at Liverpool John Moores University (2009-2016).


Lisa McMullan

Lisa has a BSc in Business Studies and a Masters in Entrepreneurial Studies, as well as a qualified social accountant and auditor, small business advisor and enterprise educator. She has much experience working with entrepreneurs, small businesses and social enterprise leaders. Lisa has supported organisations and helped them to evaluate their performance and impact as well as delivering programmes to promote social accounting practices across the UK and internationally in Nepal and South Africa.




Contact Us


Alison Price


07725 592314

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More than twice as many men than women are self employed: 14% of men, 6% of women.
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
Women in full-time work currently earn an average of 15% less per hour than men
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself, that is the best combination"
source: Dame Judi Dench
In 2010, 104 million women in 59 countries started and managed new business ventures
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
30,000 women every year lose their jobs as a result of becoming pregnant.
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any"
source: Alice Walker


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