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Business Start Up Support

I am thinking of starting my own business

If you have a great idea for a new business, The Women’s Organisation is here to help. Everyone’s journey is different, from the exciting light bulb moment of initial inspiration, to the many milestones along the way towards actually starting your own business. We can help you with a bespoke plan to suit your personal circumstances and experience, which will give your new business the very best chance of success. So talk to us today about your big idea, and let’s get your business ball rolling.

Help at every stage

The Women’s Organisation is here to help with your new businesses wherever you are up to with your idea. For example, if you have a great idea but don’t know where to start, then talk to our team of experienced advisors who will discuss your idea with you in depth, on a one-to-one basis, to see if it is a viable business that could really succeed for you. Alternatively, if you have already made progress with your concept, but need specific help with the more technical areas associated with starting a business, we can help with that too. Whatever your new business needs, wherever you are up to, The Women’s Organisation is here for you. Here are just some of the areas we can help with:

  • Conducting market research and use it to shape your business idea
  • Explaining your unique business to the market
  • Defining how your business could be positioned
  • Developing your sales forecasts and financial plans
  • Identifying and securing funding and grant support
  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Finding premises


Start Up and Beyond

Once you have your business idea finalised, The Women’s Organisation has a range of business seminar and masterclass sessions that will help you to make the most of your opportunities and fill any gaps in your skills and knowledge. You can do these before you launch, or you can top your skills if you identify a need as your business gets underway. Seminars and Masterclass sessions include:

  • Writing your business plan
  • Marketing your business through traditional, digital and social media
  • Financial planning for both the short term and long term
  • Book keeping and accounts
  • Tax and National Insurance
  • Applying for funding, grants and loans


Online Enquiry and Registration

If you would like to make an enquiry for our business start up support, you can email hello@thewo.org.uk or ring us on 0151 706 8111

Community, Co-operative and Social Enterprises

The Women’s Organisation has particular experience and expertise in community interest companies, co-operative and social enterprises. We can offer informed advice on the best way to set up your company and run your operations, including registered charities, community interest companies and other company structures that attract special financial and tax benefits.

Local Business Start-up Support Liverpool City Region

The Women's Organisation can offer FREE advice and support to any woman thinking of starting a business who is living in the Liverpool City Region (Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley St Helens or Halton) through the Enterprise Hub Programme.  Click here for more information on Enterprise Hub, part funded by European Regional Development Fund. 



More than twice as many men than women are self employed: 14% of men, 6% of women.
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
Women in full-time work currently earn an average of 15% less per hour than men
source: Fawcett - The changing labour market
"I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself, that is the best combination"
source: Dame Judi Dench
In 2010, 104 million women in 59 countries started and managed new business ventures
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
30,000 women every year lose their jobs as a result of becoming pregnant.
source: GEM 2010 - Women's Report
"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any"
source: Alice Walker


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